80 Types Of Tulips (With Pictures+Brief Guide)

Spring is the time to witness the tulip’s wide range of colors with unique patterned petals. There are a lot of things to love about it. But the most important thing which makes people fall in love is their beautiful colors and petal patterns.

Out of over 3,000 species, we have enlisted 80 popular varieties of tulips found worldwide, shared their attributes, and explained a bit about them. 

Tulip Varieties

Tulip sun

Tulips are spring-blooming perennials with large, colorful, and showy flowers.

The plant grows from bulbs and thus is also called a bulbiferous plant. 

Tulips are the oldest cultivated flowers, starting in the 10th century. 

Tulips have multiple cultivars worldwide, from single colors to bi-colors, from short stems to long stems, clear petals to striped, and plain petals to fringed and feather-like petals.

There are over 3,000 varieties of tulips cultivated.

They are divided into 12 groups:

  • Darwin Hybrids Tulips
  • Double Tulips
  • Fosteriana Tulips 
  • Fringed Tulips
  • Greigii Tulips
  • Kaufmanniana Tulips
  • Lily-Flowered Tulips
  • Parrot Tulips 
  • Species or Botanical Tulips 
  • Single Tulips (Early and Late)
  • Triumph Tulips
  • Viridiflora Tulips

Each group has multiple flowers with distinctive colors and patterns. Having some of each group will enlighten your garden. 

You can also play with colors with these single and multi-colored tulips.

Though some are rare to find, most of them are available that can overwhelm your mind with their unique colors, features, and petal patterns.

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Tulips Care

Tulips are easy to grow.

But, still, you should be familiar with its basic needs to provide them with it and keep them thriving in the long run.

Once you are acquainted with the care tips, no one can stop your plant from thriving.

Tulips are cool temperature lovers and native to zones 3-8.

They need a little amount of water compared to the other plants.

They are drought-tolerant and want the soil to be well-drained and fertile. 

Check for signs like yellow or wilted leaves, as these are the common signs of overwatering.

Tulips thrive well under the full sunlight for at least 6 hours.

Sufficient sunlight helps the tulips to maintain their color and vigor.

Tulips don’t require much fertilizer; only once or twice a year is enough. 

The bulbs hold enough nutrients for the plant’s ideal growth and development.

To make the soil fertile, you can add 1-inch compost to the garden bed before planting. 

Deadhead the tulips by removing the spent blooms.

It will help the plant concentrate on new growth.

Bulbs don’t require yearly digging unless you live in hot zones.

You have to store them in the cold and replant them next year.

Tulip bulbs and flowers are toxic to animals.

So, you better keep your pets away from them.

Watch out for pests and diseases and take immediate action once you find any signs of infestations.

Now, let’s have a look at the varieties.

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Darwin Hybrid Tulips

These tulips are the consequences of crossbreeding between Single Late Tulips and Early Emperor Tulips.

They were developed in The Netherlands. 

Because of this crossbreeding, the tulips have large petals and strong stems that can produce blooms for at least 5 years.

It can also grow up to 28 inches in height.

Due to such an impressive height, these tulips are ideal for landscapes, mass plantings, and flower beds. 

Their large flowers and long stems make them ideal for flower arrangements at events. 

Besides all these, Darwin Hybrids don’t get bothered by the cold weather, heat, or change in the spring weather. 


Tulip Acropolis

Acropolis flowers have a dark pink and red color.

The petals are deep pink or red with a whitish edge. 

It can reach about 12-24 inches in height.

The long stems are sturdy and can endure wind and rain.

They flower in the mid-spring and look great when the flowers wave in the breeze. 

Planting these long-lasting blooms can make your garden look terrific and fragrant.

Ad Rem

Tulip Ad Rem

Ad Rem is another hybrid with a rich red color that looks stunning in your garden. 

The petals have a dark scarlet red color with a trim of yellow or gold at the edges.

It grows up to 24 inches and prefers mild temperatures the whole year.

If you love red colors, this tulip is the best choice for your garden. Besides, it can spread fragrance. 

Ad Rem is one of the best Darwin varieties for constant and abundant blooming.

Big Chief

Big Chief is a stunning, delicious-looking flower with shades of pink and white. 

It reaches an impressive height of 16-20 inches, making the flower visible enough from a distance. 

Big Chief has rosy and white petals with light pink accents and a yellow base.

If planted with the other tulips, these showy and fragrant flowers will light up your garden. 

With proper care and maintenance, Big Chief will never disappoint you. 

The bulbs are nearly 4 inches. 


Tulip Daydream

Daydream tulips are lovely whitish-yellow blooms and have won many international awards for their glowy look. 

The blossoms will change their color from sunny yellow to saffron orange. 

The colors are so attractive, bright, and eye-catching that they can glow up your garden.

Besides glowing the garden, it also makes your garden aromatic.

Once the plant matures, the petals open wide in the morning, around 6 inches across, to capture the sunlight. 

The plant blooms during the mid-spring and reaches a height of 20-24 inches. 

Double Tulip

Often called Peony Tulips, Double Tulips have multi-layered petals with a peony look.

The flowers are wide enough when they open, nearly 10 inches.

Most tulips have six petals.

Double Tulips have additional petals around the center of the flower, giving a peony appearance.

These varieties are delicate and sensitive to winds and rains.

That is why they are mostly grown in sheltered areas.

The Double Early tulips will reach only up to 8-10 inches.

The Double Late tulips have 12-13 inches long stems.


Tulip Annelinde

Belonging to the Double Late variety, Annelinde has a rose-like appearance with a double set of petals.

It comes in various shades of light pink and some creamy whites.

Annelinde blooms during the late spring.

It is longer-lasting than most the other tulips.

The plant can grow up to 18 inches in height.

You can see these lovely peony-like tulips dangling in the breeze from some distance away. 

Plant them with other tulips to brighten up your garden.

Make sure it gets full sun to survive.

Double Sugar

Tulip Double Sugar

These tulips are reminiscent of roses due to their ruffled petals.

Besides, the flower has shades of pink, both light and dark, with a white center.

Some flowers can also come in pale green or yellow.

The flowers can measure 4 inches when they open during the day.

Expect blooms during the late spring.

The plant reaches 18 inches in height. 

Due to the delicate petals, plant the Double Sugars in sheltered places to protect them from rains and winds.



These are lovely variegated flowers in shades of white and pink.

The petals are filled with streaks of light pink and white.

The flower first grows with shades of whitish pink.

The pink color deepens over time.

This Double Early tulip plant is short and only reaches up to 12 inches. 

But, the stems are strong enough. 

They can endure the spring rains and last longer than most Single Early tulips.

This exquisite flower also possesses a soft fragrance.

So, your garden will look colorful and be filled with a mild fragrance. 

The flower will give an incredible display of colors to your garden in the months of early-mid spring. 


Tulip Mondial

These peony-looking varieties are puffy and pure, with creamy white petals and feathery petals.

When the flowers open, they display a warm golden heart.

The plant grows about 8-12 inches. 

Due to this white, it can shine up your garden and create a soothing and peaceful environment.

Along with brightening your garden, it offers fragrance to the spring air of your garden.


Tulip Monsella

Another bi-colored flower, Monsella, is a 12-inch flowering plant.

The flowers come in yellows and bright red. 

The petals are yellow with bright red streaks, resembling flames, all over the petals. 

Each bulb can produce 3 blooms, measuring 4-5 inches when they open the petals in the day.

The plant is short-stemmed with 12 inches in height.

The variety is not only eye-catching but is also aromatic. 

Monsella’s season of interest is early to mid-spring.

Orange Princess

Tulip Orange Princess

The flower has a blend of orange, reddish-purple, and warm pink tones. 

The petals are orange with some streaks of reddish-purple flames, green feathering, or pink sheen.

The petals are compact, large, and bowl-shaped.

Besides lightening up your garden, Orange Princess will spread a lovely aroma to your garden.

This Double Late variety produces bloom earlier than most the Peony flowers.

It reaches a height of 12-14 inches and requires shelter during the winds and rains. 

It is also a good bloom-forcer, ideal for pots and indoors.

The flower opens in the late spring. 

The foliage is light-green and lance-shaped.

Fosteriana Tulips

Fosteriana tulips have bowl-shaped flowers with 5-inch wide petals. 

These tulips have striped leaves and are expected to bloom from the early to mid-spring, thus being one of the earliest bloomers. You can see their flowers first every year. 

The blooms are not only big but also bold. These varieties have the biggest bulbs.

Exotic Emperor

Exotic Emperor Tulips

These are charming whites with a touch of light green stripes at the back of the petals. 

The petals are bowl-shaped with 5 inches in width when open.

Exotic Emperor produces flowers in early to mid-spring. It will create a dazzling effect in your garden with the other early flowering tulips.

The plant reaches a height of 16 inches and comes back year after year. 

Besides the garden beds, this tulip is also ideal for borders, rock gardens, and containers.

Orange Emperor

Tulip Orange Emperor

Orange Emperor has a glowy orange color with a pale buttery yellow base and black anther.

The petals measure around 10 inches when they open on sunny days. 

Though the bloom time is early spring, Orange Emperor produces flowers a little later than the other early bloomers and comes back every year.

The plant reaches a height of 14-16 inches.

Their strong stems endure winds and rains.

Flaming Purissima

Flaming Purissima Tulips

Flaming Purissima will be a colorful addition to your garden due to its vibrant color combinations.

The petals are creamy or ivory white with blush or rose pink shades, which, later on, turn into a pleasant raspberry pink.

The plant can get up to 16 inches in height.

Flaming Purissima will flower in the early to mid-spring. 

Plant them in autumn and winter to see your garden filled with these white and pink-toned flowers in spring.

Fringed Tulips

Some tulips are difficult to spot because of the color combinations, but fringed tulips are the easiest.

The petals of the flowers have fine incised fringed edges for which they are very easy to locate.

They reach a considerable height of 30 inches.

But being a mutant variety, the height and flowering period may vary. 


Tulip Arma

Arma Tulip is an amazing bright red-colored tulip with a little yellow flush at the base and fringes at the petal edges. 

Blooming during the mid-spring, Arma can reach about 22 inches in height. 

Arma flowers will look wonderful if you use them for cutting flowers and keep them in a vase. 

Add these lovely red fringed tulips to the garden beds or borders to create a place of visual interest.

Bell Song

Tulip Bell Song

Bell Song tulips have violet-pink to coral petals with white fringed edges. 

The plant bears broad, lance-shaped leaves, which make a good contrast against the violet-pink and coral flower.

It reaches a height of 20 inches, produces flowers during mid-late spring, and looks ravishing when planted with other tulips.

Blue Heron

Tulip Blue Heron

Blue Heron has light violet-purple petals with white fringes at the petal edges.

Besides such lovely fringes, the flower has some additional inner tepals. 

The plant reaches a height of 24 inches and blooms during the mid-late spring. 

Your garden will look gentle and subtle with these soft-colored flowers with fringes standing over the long and strong stems. 

The flowers will look elegant while swaying with the spring breeze, especially if you plant them with some deep-colored tulips.

Burgundy Lace

Burgundy Lace Tulips

This two-time award winner comes in a bright, reddish fuchsia-pink flower with fringed edges.

However, the color is neither pure pink nor red, but somewhere between the two.

The color is so exquisite and glowy that planting them will give a pink neon effect all over your garden. 

Burgundy Lace grows about 26 inches in height, which is why you can witness the captivating neon effect from a distance. 

These long-stemmed flowers will produce blooms during the mid-late spring. 

Burgundy Lace looks great in garden beds, borders, or pots. 


Cummins Tulips

Cummins produces attractive lavender-colored blooms that measure 4 inches when wide open.

The petals have lovely lavender-purple petals with white fringed edges.

The plant will grow about 20 inches and look great in your garden.

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Curly Sue

Tulip Curly Sue

Curly Sue is a gorgeous purple-colored tulip that changes color after maturity and when exposed to different types of light, like lavender or wine.

This charismatic purple tulip with crystalline fringed edges will represent your garden as a source of love and happiness. 

Curly Sue blooms in the late spring and reaches a height of 16-22 inches. 

It looks divine when it sways with the spring breeze. 


Davenport Tulips

These tulips bear bright-colored flowers with radiant crimson-red petals and yellow fringed edges. 

Due to this combination of red and yellow, these striking beauties are the absolute showstopper of your garden.

Davenport blooms in the mid-late spring and grows about 14-16 inches. 

They will look excellent in your garden with the other pale tulips and displays a blast of colors.

Fancy Frills

Fancy Frills Tulips

Fancy Frills is an outstanding pink tulip with fringes. 

The petals are rose-pink with a white base and white fringes. Each petal is decorated with white flames.

Among the other pink tulips, this tulip will look amazing and showy and will be the ultimate showstopper of your garden. 

Fancy Frills will reach a height of 16-22 inches at maturity level. Expect blooms during the mid-spring. 

Fringed Elegance

Fringed Elegance Tulips

A bright flower with solitary yellow petals and pale yellow fringes, Fringed Elegance will add extra drama and texture to your garden beds. 

The flowers emerge over long, strong stems measuring about 16-22 inches. 

Besides making your garden bright and showy, Fringed Elegance can also spread fragrance after blooming during the spring. 

Add this tulip to the garden beds and borders, and plant 10-15 bulbs together for a good visual impact. 

Fringed Family

Fringed Elegance Tulips 1

A bit reminiscent of Fancy Frills, the Fringed Family flower comes in rosy pink with white fringed edges. 

The plant produces flowers in groups of 3 but can also emerge up to 5 flowers. 

For more visual impact, plant multiple bulbs (10-15) together by keeping a distance of 4-5 inches in between.

Fringed Family can reach about 18-20 inches in height which is why it looks great when they sway with the spring breeze.

Gold Dust

Gold Dust Tulips

As the name suggests, the flower color makes us recall gold, especially the petal edges. 

The petals of this eye-catching flower have an orange to reddish color with fine gold fringes at the edges. 

Though it belongs to the fringed group, the flower looks double and peony. 

Grow Gold Dust in your garden for some blush of colors with other pale or light-colored tulips. 

These amazing flowers emerge on 16-18 inches long stems during the mid-late spring.


Hamilton Tulips

Hamilton is a gorgeous yellow tulip with fringed edges, adding extra depth to the bright yellow flower. 

Adding these to your garden with other bright tulips will develop a wonderful display of colors in your boring garden. 

The plant grows about 20 inches and blooms in the late spring. 

The flowers waving with the spring breeze will make your garden elegant and appealing.


Tulip Queensland

Cup-shaped, double, and long-lasting tulips, Queensland is another stunning pink flower with white fringes at the petal edges. 

Despite belonging to a fringed group, the flower seems double variety due to its bowl-shaped flower and multiple petals. 

It grows about 16-18 inches tall and creates dazzling scenery when they sway with the breeze. 

Expect blooms to appear in the mid-late spring. 


Tulip Santander

With hot pink blooms and heavy fringes, Santander bears cup-shaped flowers over 16-20 inches of strong stems having lance-shaped leaves. 

When the flower opens in the daylight, it displays a candy pink color with a black throat and black anther. 

Expect the pink fringed blooms to appear during the mid to late spring. 

Sensual Touch

Gold Dust Tulips 1

The pretty colorful Sensual Touch flowers resemble the shape of a rose. 

Though being fringed, Sensual Touch is a full double tulip with so many petals. 

The flower comes in beautiful apricot orange with pale yellow fringed edges. 

The color combination and the rose-like structure make the Sensual touch look exquisite in your garden. 

These exotic flowers stand over long 16-inch stems and look more divine while swaying with the breeze.

Swan Wings

Tulip Swan Wings

These tulips have ivory or swan-white color. The fringes add extra depth. 

These pure white tulips give your garden a simple and relaxed yet elegant visual impact. 

You can add up these white tulips with other colorful tulips, like pink, orange, red, yellow, or purples, for a color blast. 

The plant reaches a height of 22 inches and blooms during the mid-late spring.

Besides giving your garden a peaceful look, it spreads aroma, making your garden more refreshing. 

Greigii Tulips

Another early to mid-spring bloomer, Greigii tulips are single with six petals and are bowl-shaped.

The flower comes in warm yellow, red, pink, orange, or white hues. 

These are, again, low-growers, reaching about 12 inches in height. 

The leaves of this variety are striped or spotted. 

Though Greigii tulips don’t have many colors, the size of the flower is quite impressive and doesn’t make them any less than others.


Calypso Tulips

These bright-looking flowers have orangey-red petals with yellow outlines.

The leaves are mottled purplish, which is a good contrast against the orange flowers.

The flower opens wide under the full sun and even spreads fragrant to your garden.

When the petals open, they are 4 inches wide, enough to understand why these flowers are equally showy as other tulips despite having fewer colors.

It can reach a height of 12 inches.

The flower appears during early to mid-spring. 


Tulip Pinocchio

Pinocchio is a dwarf (7 inches tall), cup-shaped tulip having red petals with creamy-white edges that blooms during the early to late spring.

Pinocchio is also called Rockery tulip.

They have green leaves marked with blue-dark red stripes.

The flower also contains a bronze heart along with red and white colors. 

When the flower opens under the sunlight, it can be as close as 4 inches in diameter. 

Pinocchio can be an amazing addition to your garden with amazing colors, leaf structure, and sizes.


Tulip Winnipeg

Winnipeg is another bright orange or golden flower that will produce 3-5 blooms from one bulb.

The color of the petals is not a true orange.

It is a bright yellow highlighted with red streaks.

Sometimes, it looks orange or golden.

The plant reaches a height of 12 inches and comes back every spring.

Though short in height, the color combination makes it highly visible to all people passing by.

Kaufmanniana Tulips

These tulips are popular for their contrasting colored flowers. 

When the petals open on sunny days, it almost takes the shape of stars. 

But when the petals close, they take up extraordinary shades. 

These tulips reach only around 6-12 inches in height.

You can try these if you wish for short-stemmed tulips as companions to short-stemmed flowering plants.

Kaufmanniana Tulips bloom mostly during the early to mid-spring.  


Ancilla tulip

Ancilla is an extraordinary flower. 

The inside of the petals are creamy-white, and the center of the flower has a circled yellow center outlined with bright red color. 

On the other hand, the flowers are rose red and soft pink on the outer side of the petals. 

The leaves have wavy edges, which gives the flowers extra depth, thus overall making the plant look unique and beautiful.

When the petals open, it becomes star-shaped.

The plant can grow up to only 5-6 inches in height and is ideal for people who want short-stem companions.

Guiseppe Verdi

Guiseppe Verdi Tulips

Guiseppe Verdi is an attractive and eye-catching variety among many other tulip varieties.

The flowers have tints of bright gold with red stripes. 

The petals are bright gold or deep yellowish-orange.

They have red stripes on the inside and imperial red stripes outside.

The plant reaches a height of 8-10 inches and favors mild temperatures to survive in the long run.

Despite being a low-grower, these flowers will add some color and cheer your garden.

Heart’s Delight

Kaufmanniana hearts delight tulip

This tulip is an early hybrid variety with red colors on the outer side of the petals with creamy white edges.

The inner petals are creamy pinkish-white with a yellow shade at the center.

They are perfect for early spring flowering.

The petals reach a height of only 7 inches.

Being a dwarf variety doesn’t make this tulip less than the others. 

The beautiful mixture of white and pink can equally brighten up your garden like the other tall stemmed tulips. 

They are ideal for beds and borders and even for pots.

Lily-flowered Tulips

These tulips are a bit different from the other tulip varieties. 

The flower shapes are slender with pointed, recurving petals. 

Most tulips under this group produce flowers in the late spring and a few blooms during the mid-spring.

The stems are very thin, for which they cannot withstand harsh weather like heavy rains or winds.

Thus, it would be best to plant them in sheltered locations. 


Aladdin tulip

These tulips come in goblet-shaped flowers, with pointed petals in scarlet red and golden yellow edging.

The plant grows about 20 inches tall and blooms during the late spring. 

You can plant them with other bold or pale-colored tulips to give your garden a luminous impression. 

Your garden will look graceful when the plant filled with these colorful flowers swings with the spring breeze.


Lily Flowered Tulips Ballade Tulips

Ballade tulips are lovely royal purple flowers with ivory outlined edges and a yellow center, which gets revealed only when the flower opens up.

When they sway during a light breeze, they look attractive and elegant.

Ballade, at first, contains reddish magenta color, but over time, it matures into a brighter magenta with white edges. 

With such amazing combinations, Ballade will look amazing in your garden.

Your garden’s back borders will come to life with these vibrant and elegant flowers.

The plant produces blooms in the late spring.

Ballade Dream

Ballade Dream tulip

Ballade Dream is a curved tulip with bright red petals and golden-yellow edges.

The flowers appear over a strong and sturdy stem measuring 16 inches.

It will look striking when planted in the garden beds and borders.

These bright colors with pointed petals will provide your garden with an exquisite display of colors. 

You can plant them with other pale-colored tulips to create a strong contrast and impact.


FlyAway tulip

Fly Away is a bright, goblet-shaped flower with scarlet red petals and a golden yellow color at the edges. 

These dazzling, fiery-like flowers will be a remarkable addition to your garden because they can illuminate and get noticed even from a distance.

With its 20-inch tall stems, Fly Away looks incredible when they swing during the spring breeze and provide a stunning display of colors during the late spring.


Mariette tulip

These amazing flowers are showy and shiny with deep satin rose petals with a white base and a pale edge.

Due to such an amazing color, Mariette has won maximum awards from the Lily-flowering group.

The color of the flower will get intensified and glowy when sunlight falls on them.

The plant can reach about 22 inches and blooms in the late spring. 

Plant them in your garden with other pink and white tulips to give it an elegant pink look.

These tulips will be an absolute eye-catcher.

West Point

Tulip West Point

West Point is an amazing yellow-colored flower with a lighter base.

The flowers have pointed tips with reflexed, long, and slightly twisted petals. 

The plant height is 20-22 inches, making it ideal for garden beds and borders. Due to the height, the flower can be quite visible.

Planting these tulips with other single-colored tulips will give your garden a bright and colorful display.

Parrot Tulips

Parrot tulips have lovely colors and shapes.

The petals are large and have a bit of fringe at the edges, not high-fringe like the Fringed tulips.

So, don’t get confused between the two.

The flowers resemble parrot feathers with their green buds, which open up to display the beautiful and exotic colors.

Parrot tulips generally bloom in the late spring, and most varieties can reach about 26 inches in height.

Let’s talk about some Parrot tulips.

Apricot Parrot

Apricot Parrot tulip

Apricot Parrot tulip comes in a rosy pink and apricot or peachy-pink color that blooms during late spring.

The petals are not only pink and apricot-colored but also have stripes of creamy yellow and some green at the back of the petals.

The pink color remains on the wavy, feather-like edges. 

It can grow about 16-24 inches in height. 

Adding these strong stemmed Parrot tulips will make your garden showy and fragrant.

However, a little shelter is required, especially during the winds and rains. 

Black Parrot

Black Parrot tulip

Though it’s not black, the color is dark, deep purple with light black trim.

This spectacular tulip will be an attention-seeker and absolute showstopper in your garden. 

The dazzling color with the feather-like edges will add depth and drama to your garden and look great with the other tulips.

This ruffle-petaled tulip reaches a height of 20-22 inches and blooms during the late spring.

These black, dramatic flowers over the sturdy stems will look great when planted with some yellow or white tulips in the garden beds and borders.

Bright Parrot

Bright Parrot tulip

As the name says, it is indeed a bright Parrot tulip.

The flower comes with orange petals and yellow or gold designs at the center, visible only when the flower opens in broad daylight.

When the flower remains closed, you will see yellow or golden outlined on the feathery petal edges.

The flower looks almost flat when it opens up under the sunlight.

Such a vibrant color combination makes them bright enough and your garden glowy and shiny.

Bright Parrot Tulip reaches a height of 14-20 inches, thus making it visible enough from a distance. 

Expect blooms in the late spring. Give them a little shelter during winds and rains.

Estella Rijnveld

estella rijnveld tulip

This tulip is also known as Gay Presto. 

Estella Rijnveld is a beautiful bright flower with blazing red or deep pink and evident white flames.

The pattern of the colors are whimsical and vary in width and intensity. 

With such whimsical and dazzling color combinations, this flower can be the star of your garden among all other flowers.

When the petals open in the daylight, you will see a yellow color fading into white as the flower matures.

The color patterns of red and white are sometimes different in the flowers.

Estella Rijnveld can reach a height of 22 inches when mature.

Species or Botanical Tulips

Botanical tulips, also called Species tulips, are shorter than the Kaufmanniana tulips.

They stay low to the ground and start flowering once they come out from the ground. 

Despite being short, they have strong and sturdy stems.

They are eye-catchers and ideal for gardeners who enjoy short-stemmed flowers.

Botanical tulips have various bright-colored tulips with some stripes, making them more appealing.

They bloom during the early spring.

Alba Coerulea Oculata

These tulips are exceptionally beautiful with ivory white pointed petals and a deep or light blue center.

The blue center will only get revealed when the petals open in broad daylight.

If you love white colors, this is perfect for you.

Besides, the blue color displayed in the morning can add some drama. 

The plant reaches a height of only 6-8 inches. Plant them beside other low-growers like pansies.

Expect blooms during the early to mid-spring.

Bright Gem – Tulipa Batalinii

Bright Gem Tulipa Batalinii

Having Bright Gem tulips in your garden looks like little beacons roaming about in the garden.

The petals are butterscotch yellow with a touch of apricot color.

In broad daylight, the flower can open around 3 inches across. 

Once the flower matures, the color turns out to be more peachy.

The plant is only 4-6 inches and is a good companion for low-growing plants. 


Cynthia is bi-colored tulips with red and yellow shades.

The outer part of the petals is red, and the inner part is yellow. 

When the flower opens, it reveals a yellow color during the day.

When it closes at night, you will see the flower to be red.

When Cynthia opens, it bears a star-like pattern like most Kaufmanniana tulips.

Cynthia can reach a height of only 8-10 inches.

You can plant them in garden beds with other low-growers or on the borders.

Expect blooms during early to mid-spring.


tulip Kolpakowskiana

The variety develops yellow flowers.

The outside of the petals has a light orange, green, or reddish glow, which looks like flames from a distance.

The plant can reach about only 8 inches in height and comes back every year. 

Expect blooms during the mid-spring.

You can plant them with the other yellow or red-colored tulips to have a bright glowy display in your garden. 

Lilac Wonder

tulip Lilac Wonder

True to its name.

Lilac Wonder has a pink or deep lilac-colored petal with a bright yellow center, visible only when the flower opens.

Expect these bell-shaped blooms to emerge during the early spring.

The plant reaches a mature height of only 5-8 inches. 

Peppermint Stick

Tulip Peppermint Stick

This Botanical tulip has tall flowers with white petals.

The outer side of the petals is bright pink. 

The center or eye of the flower has a purple heart. 

The alternative pink and white color combination in flowers will remind you of candy canes. 

The mature size of the plant is around 8-10 inches. 

Expect blooms during the mid-spring. Plant 9 bulbs together per square foot.


tulipa silvestris

Silvestris is also called wild tulip.

The flower has a bright yellow color which opens wide under the sunlight. 

This mid-spring bloomer grows up to 14 inches in height and comes back every year. 

Planting them with other colorful tulips in your garden will grab your attention.


Tulip Tarda

First cultivated in 1590, Tarda Tulips are yellow-colored flowers with white tips on the petals. 

When wide open, Tarda tulips take the shape of a star. 

This popular Botanical tulip can produce 6 flowers from one single bulb plant. 

It is perfect for your garden if you want maximum flowers by planting a small number of plants.

The plant reaches only 4 inches and is quite great for low-grower lovers. 

Expect blooms to appear in early to mid-spring.

Tulip Clusiana – Chrysantha ‘Tubergen’s Gem’

Tulip Clusiana Chrysantha Tubergens Gem

These cup-shaped tulips are amazing due to their colors.

The petals are canary yellow inside and red outside. 

It might seem similar to many other yellow and red tulips, for example, Cynthia.

But Tubergen’s Gem has a softer and lighter red than the Cynthia. 

When the tulip opens, it takes the shape of a star. 

It blooms in mid-spring and comes back every year.

It reaches a height of 8-10 inches.


Turkestanica tulip

Turkestanica are star-shaped flowers with white petals and a yellow center.

As the name suggests, these tulips originate from Turkey.

They grow about 10 inches in height and are ideal as companions for other low-growers.

Turkestanica blooms in early spring and comes back year after year.

Plant them in groups to get an effective look in your garden, at least 15 bulbs together. 


Tulip Whittallii

Another Turkish origin, Whittalli, is a stunning blood orange flower with an olive-green base and a little at the tips. 

The plant reaches a height of 8-12. 

When it receives full sun, the flower will open wide to reveal its star shape – the orange color of the flower blazes when the sunlight falls upon it. 

Plant the bulbs 5-6 inches deep.

Single Tulips

Single tulips, also called French tulips, are standard with 6 six petals in a cup-shaped form.

They bloom from early spring to late spring.

Single tulips are further divided into Single Early Tulips and Single Late Tulips. 

The tulip varieties under this group can reach up to an impressive height of 30 inches.

Andre Rieu

Tulip Andre Rieu

Andre Rieu is named after a Dutch musician. 

The tulip has long and strong stems which bear beautiful purple flowers, cream stripes at the petal edges, and a blue ring at the center.

The blue ring is visible when the flower opens during the day. This fabulous sight can make your garden bed and the borders look awesome.

The colorful view will be more amazing when Andre Rieu is planted with yellow, white, lemon-yellow tulips from the fringed or lily-flowered group. 

The plant reaches about 20 inches in height. 

Let it have full sun and plant it in fertile and well-drained soil for good results. 

Apricot Beauty

Tulip Apricot Beauty

These tulips are from the Single early tulips group. 

The petals are peach or salmon-rose, and the stems can reach up to 16 inches in height, which makes the flower quite visible when planted on the ground. 

This variety will be an outstanding and bright addition to your garden. Besides the bright peach color, the flower has a sweet scent which will make your garden aromatic. 

So, not only will the flower color attract you, but also the fragrance.


Tulip Antoinette

Antoinette is a color-changing tulip.

The flower changes from pale yellow and green to raspberry pink on the outer petals. 

When the flower opens, the petals become more salmon-orange, which looks astounding. 

Antoinette can reach a good height of 16-18 inches. 

Expect blooms during the late spring.

Plant at least 9 bulbs per square to have a nice flush of pink and orange blooms. 

You can plant Antoinette with some other yellow color to make the flower pop.

Or, you can also plant them with other pink flowers if you want a splash of pink in your garden.


Avignon tulip

Avignon is a long-stemmed tulip with large, goblet-shaped flowers that can withstand windy weather. 

The flowers are bright orange-red with a slight touch of pink at the back or edge of the petal, invisible enough due to the intense orange-red color.

The plant reaches a height of 26 inches, and the bulb sizes are 4 inches. 

Expect this bright member from the Single Tulip group to produce bloom during the late spring.

Plant during the fall. 

Belle du Monde

Tulip Belle du Monde

This Single Late tulip blooms during the mid to late spring.

The plant reaches a height of 24-28 inches with strong and sturdy stems. 

The flowers are pretty with a combination of yellow and light pink.

This egg-shaped flower has a soft, apricot pink, peachy-pink, or salmon-pink color. 

The color deepens when the plant gets mature. The edges glow with pale yellow color. 

Planting them in the garden beds or on the borders will make your garden soft and gentle.

You can also use them as cut-flowers for vases.

Big Smile

Big Smile Tulips

Big Smile Tulips are the Single Late tulips.

They are golden yellow-colored tulips and are considered the best yellow tulips. 

Big Smile has strong, long stems, reaching a height of 24-26 inches, and blooms in the late spring. 

You can plant them with the Darwin Hybrid Tulips since they too have sturdy, long-stemmed tulips.

Your garden will have some stunning, eye-catching colors, which will attract every passerby.

You can plant these yellow tulips in the garden beds or on borders with other tulips. 

Blushing Beauty

Tulip Blushing Beauty

The flowers have large petals in soft pink or yellow color with lilac or rosy-red highlights spreading as streaks from the bottom to the top.

The plant can reach about 30 inches in height and flowers during the late spring. 

So, if some of your tulips stop growing in the late spring, you will still have this flower to brighten up your garden.

Blushing Beauty comes from the Single Late tulip group.

It enjoys cool weather and warm, dry summers.

Blushing Lady

Blushing Lady Tulips

Coming from the Single Late group, Blushing Beauty is a bright bi-colored flower with a mix of soft pink and soft yellow. 

The petals are soft sunset or rosy pink.

The edges have a light touch of soft yellow. 

With such soft and subtle colors, Blushing Lady is a great choice for gardeners who love delicate colors which can make the garden luminous. 

The flowers stand over 28 inches tall and have strong stems, and appear in the late spring.

Cafe Noir

Tulip Cafe Noir

A radiant, deep purple or maroon-colored tulip, Cafe Noir is again from the Single Late group. 

When the flower matures and opens up, you will notice a blue base. 

Your garden will look breathtaking when you pair up this tulip with the other white or yellow tulips or daffodils. 

With 20 inches long and strong stems, Cafe Noir can tolerate windy and rainy weather. 

For a splash of this chocolate or purple color, plant at least 10-15 bulbs together with the other bulbs as companions.

Christmas Dream

Tulip Christmas Dream

If you love pink, this four-time award-winner tulip is ideal for you. 

The blooms are classical egg-shaped, dark pinkish-red, that usually bloom in the early spring.

The flower also has a large white base.

As soon as the winter ends, you can fill up your garden with these lovely pink tulips. 

Besides the color, your garden will become aromatic too in the early spring. 

It will reach up to 14 inches in height.


Dordogne tulip

This French tulip has large goblet-shaped flowers that change from red to orange at the petal edges.

The petals have a touch of rose pink on the outer side. 

The plant can reach a height of 24 inches and looks great when planted with some purple or burgundy-colored tulips.

Besides, Dordogne can spread a nice fragrance. 

Due to their long stems, Dordogne can also be used for excellent cut-flowers. Keep in the vase and decorate your interiors. 

Expect blooms in the late spring.

Though the stems are long, they are sturdy and can withstand rains and winds. 

Hocus Pocus

tulip hocus pocus

Hocus Pocus is another lovely yellow tulip with a strip or flame of bright red at the outer side of the petals. 

It will be an excellent addition to your garden with some dark-colored tulips or other yellow flowers. 

Hocus Pocus blooms during the late spring and reaches a height of 24-30 inches. 

Plant at least 10-15 bulbs together by keeping 5-6 inches in between. 

Together, they will have a greater impact on your garden. 

Hocus Pocus tulips are excellent for cut-flowers, garden beds, borders, and pots.


Tulip Maureen

Maureen is a simple yet attractive marble-white colored tulip with a yellow center. 

This graceful flower will bloom during the late spring and can endure rain and wind of its long and strong stems. 

The plant reaches a pretty height of 24-26 inches. 

Maureen has also won an award from the renowned Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society. 

Pink Diamond

Tulip Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond is an outstanding Single Late tulip with large, luminous, and goblet-shaped flowers in rosy pink and pales around the edges. 

The color of this flower is an important aspect as it makes this variety stand out in the garden bed beside the other flowers.

Besides the flower color, it is also the height, making them an outstanding addition.

The plant reaches a height of 24-30 inches at maturity level.

Purple Prince

Tulip Purple Prince

A member of a Single early tulip, the Purple Prince, is a true purple-colored flower with scalloped edges and 12-14 inches tall.

Blooming during the mid or late spring, they will look great if planted with the early Daffodils.

Purple Prince tulips are long-lasting flowers and sometimes can be forced to flower in pots.

The tulips have a strong stem which makes them endure wind and rains.

Queen of The Night

Tulip Queen of the night

This tulip will be a supreme addition to your garden. 

The color is dark red, mahogany or dark maroon, and deep purple.

Due to the deep colors, this variety is one of the darkest tulips. 

It is one of the prettiest cultivars that grow about 26 inches.

So, the Queen of The Night will be one of the most visible ones in your garden.

The plant has sturdy stems.

If planted with the other bright-colored tulip varieties, the tulip can highlight its color.

Triumph Tulips

These are by far the largest tulips.

The flower is single, cup-shaped, and comes in a wide range of colors.

The stems can grow about 16 inches in height and are strong enough to endure the endless rains during the April months.

Arabian Mystery

Arabian Mystery Tulips

This eye-catching variety comes in attractive rich purple petals with white edges, which gives the plant a little bit of an ombre effect.

These amazing flowers emerge over 16-18 inches long stems which look great when they dance with the breeze. 

These long and strong stems are tolerant of wind and rain.

Expect these stems to produce blooms during mid-late spring. 


Attila tulip

Attila is a bowl-shaped flower having large petals with pure dark purple color with some trim of rose and pink. 

The petals also have a black center with white edges. 

Besides beautifying and creating dazzling harmonies, it can also spread aroma to your garden.

The plant has a strong stem which helps them withstand strong or harsh environmental conditions like winds or rains.

The plant can reach about 18-10 inches tall, making them visible enough to every passerby.

Let it have full sun and plant it in well-drained fertile soil.


Tulip Gavota

This 4-inch, bi-color tulip flower stands out among the other tulips due to its amazing colorful combination.

The petals are deep maroon with creamy yellow edges.

Having these classical, egg-shaped flowers in your garden will grab your attention without fail. 

Gavota can reach about 16-18 inches in height and is ideal for borders and pots.

They bloom in the mid-spring and spread lovely fragrance to your garden.

The leaves of Gavota are gray-green with linear or broadly ovate shapes.


Tulip Shirley

These tulips are another simple yet amazing flower.

The flowers come in creamy or ivory white. The edges have purple trim when open but light lilac when closed.

Shirley is the result of crossbreeding between long-stemmed Darwin tulips and short-stemmed early tulips.

It reaches a mature height of 20 inches.

Due to the long and strong stems and large flowers, Shirley will be an exotic addition to your garden.

Expect blooms during the months of mid to late spring.

Viridiflora Tulips

These unique-named plants with cup-shaped flowers can measure about 3 inches across when wide open. 

One distinctive feature of this variety is that each flower under this group will have some green coloring. 

Due to the green color of all the flowers, Viridiflora tulips are also called Green Tulips. 

The stems are quite strong, with an average of 16-24 inches in height.

Let’s have a look at some Green tulip varieties. 


Tulip Artist

As the name says, the flower pattern is indeed artistic.

The petals have a bright orange color with stripes of green at the backside or outer side of the petals.

Artist reaches a height of 12-16 inches. With such height and color, it creates dazzling harmony in the garden.

Artists will produce blooms during the mid to late spring.

Doll’s Minuet

Dolls Minuet Tulips

Doll’s Minuet is an early or late spring blooming tulip producing deep pink flowers and green flares on the petals.

But, unlike most tulips, this flower doesn’t have any fragrance.

The strong stems measuring 20 inches are an amazing addition to the garden in clusters or drifts over the landscapes. 


Slender-looking and reminiscent of the Lily-flowering group, Florosa comes in white petals with bright pink tips and a green flare on the outer part of the petals.

They are good for cut-flowers and can stay alive for 3 weeks which is pretty long-lasting.

These late-spring bloomers can reach a height of 16-20 inches.

Due to such pretty height and colors, you can welcome them to your garden beds or borders.


Esperanto is a wonderful bright reddish-pink flower with green and pinkish-white streaks or flames running on the outer part of the petals. 

The rosy red petals fade to pale pink at the base of the flower. 

Expect these amazing and durable blooms (around 3 weeks) to appear during the late spring. 

Esperanto reaches a height of 12 inches and looks great when planted in the garden beds and borders with other tulips. 

Bonus variety: Tulip’ The Lizard’ (1903)

The Lizard 1903
Photo by @Julie Weatherbee

We have reached the end of the list. Now, let’s share with you one rare tulip with a weird name, Tulip’ The Lizard’ 1903

The Lizard Tulip is an exotic and exquisite flower with a mix of deep lilac and dark reddish rose brushed feathery over a creamy yellow color and a white base. 

It is one of the rarest tulips from the Single Late group.

The plant reaches up to 20-24 inches long.

Source: WikipediaNorth Dakota Stae UniversityThe Royal Horticultural Society.


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