About Me


Hello everyone,

Welcome to nurserylady.com. My name is Richa, and I am the writer, editor, and webmaster of the blog.

I have been fascinated by indoor plants and flowers for over 12 years now. I started my gardening journey with a few indoor plants, but as my obsession with plants grew, I soon pivoted to flowers and gardening in general over a couple of years.

I have kept over 50 varieties of flowers and plants in my backyard. Some thrived, whereas others struggled to survive. However, over the years, I have learned enough that I thought, why not create a resource for all my fellow gardeners out there?

When I started my journey, there were no resources available to guide me through. I had to learn everything by the Hit-Miss method. So, I decided to empower everyone out there by creating an in-depth resource that you can rely on.

I may not be an expert in the field, but with extensive research and experience, I will try to help all other hobbyists understand their plants better and simplify all their doubts.

I am looking forward to growing my knowledge and mastering the skill but, at the same time, sharing all my knowledge with everyone else. 

If you find my effort helpful, make sure to share the blog with all the fellow gardeners you know!

Happy Gardening!