Where To Get Gas For Lawn Mower?

If you are new to using a lawnmower, it can be difficult to decide where to get gas for your machine. If that’s what you want, this article is for you!

Generally, the most common spots where you can get gas for your lawn mower are a gas station and a garden store. As most gas lawnmowers run on the same fuel as the car, you can easily get it from any gas station with the help of a container. Just make sure to pick non-oxygenated or unleaded gas.

If you don’t know where to get lawnmower gas, this article can help you with that. Also, we will discuss which gas is best for your lawnmower. Now, let’s read further.

Lawn mower gas refill

Where to purchase gas for the lawnmower?

If you want to know where you can purchase gas for a lawnmower, you have primarily 2 choices: A garden store or a gas station.

Let’s discuss both of the options so that you can know which is more suitable.

Gas stations

The most common place for getting gas for a lawnmower is a gas station. 

You can find gas stations almost everywhere you need.

So there is nothing to worry about it. 

Lawnmowers usually need non-oxygenated or unleaded gas.

So, if the gas station has many gas options, you can fill it according to the lawnmower’s requirements.

So how should you fill the gas to a lawnmower from a gas station?

There are 2 options.

You can bring the lawnmower to a gas station or carry it in a container. 

It is impossible to bring the lawnmower everywhere, so it is better to carry a gas container, load the gas at the gas station, bring it home and then transport it to the lawnmower there.


  • Widely available: The gas station is available everywhere as it is widespread. So, finding and getting gas from anywhere you want requires much less time without worrying about your place.
  • Less costly: Getting gas from the gas station is usually less expensive than in garden stores. So, it becomes convenient for those who can’t always afford the gas from garden stores.


  • Few gas options: Gas stations don’t have a lot of gas or fuel options for different kinds of lawnmowers. So, if you want gas according to the 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, it becomes difficult to get it because of less availability.
  • Toxic fumes: As gas from the gas stations is not commercially prepared, and it contains toxic fumes. After filling the gas container, make sure you direct head home quickly and fill it into the gas tank to avoid fumes. 

Garden or lawn stores

Another option to get gas for a lawnmower is from garden stores.

It often doesn’t come to people’s mind that they can get gas from the garden stores because the gas station is the most worldwide option. 

You can easily buy conserved fuel from garden stores.

At these stores, fuel is already commercially-prepared for lawnmowers, which becomes very convenient for owners. 

Also, people often want ethanol-free fuel, so it is great to get that as it is easily available here.


  • Fuel is available for any lawnmower: You can get fuel according to the mower type. There are two types of engines, 2-stroke and 4-stroke. For 2 stroke engine, the lawnmower requires oil mixed straight with the burnt gas with different ratios of oil to gas. And on the other hand, 4 stroke engine requires unmixed conserved fuel. You can buy any of them from the gas stations as they are easily available according to your lawnmower’s requirements.
  • Safer: Transporting the gas to the lawnmower is safe here. As conserved fuel is already well-preserved, so there is no need to think about the fumes in the engines.


  • Hard to get these stores: As these stores are not easily available everywhere, like gas stations, it requires a lot of time to get and buy one. 
  • Expensive: Getting gas from a garden store is quite costly. So, spending such a high amount every time you run out of gas is not always convenient. 

Which is better? Gas stations or garden stores?

Lawn mower gas

Both gas stations and garden stores have equal advantages and disadvantages.

It depends on what you prefer. 

Whether you want conserved gas from a garden store or normal unleaded gas from a gas station, it is up to you and your lawnmower’s type.

Both places are equally great for getting gas for your lawnmower.

If you hardly get any time and don’t want to spend too much money, you can purchase gas from a gas station.

But if you want high-quality commercial preserved gas for your lawnmower without worrying about the money, then the garden store is best for you.

Now, it’s totally up to you what you want to do.

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Where to purchase non-oxygenated gas for lawnmowers?

So, where can you find non-oxygenated gas?

You can get it from the same place- A garden store or a gas station.

There is no problem with getting non-oxygenated gas from garden stores, as most store owners sell only non-oxygenated (free from ethanol) gas because it is less harmful to the engine.

But when it comes to gas stations, it becomes quite difficult to get them. 

But obviously, it’s not impossible.

The gas station includes gasoline which has at least 10% of ethanol.

This is because gas stations give more focus on cars rather than lawnmowers.

So, oxygenated gas includes fewer emissions and good combustion, which is good for cars.

But to find non-oxygenated gas from gas stations, you must research.

To find ethanol-free gas from gas stations, you should check whether it is recurred by ATV riders, snowmobilers, classic car enthusiasts, or boaters because these people prefer ethanol-free gasoline.

How to fill the gas in the lawnmower after purchasing it?

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If you don’t know how to fill a gas after getting it, then let’s read further to learn how to do that:

  • Locate the gas tank for your lawnmower, then open the lid of it.
  • Then, find the gasoline vessel. 
  • Keep a pipe in the gas vessel. 
  • Then fill the gas slowly from the pipe into the vessel. 
  • Put the lid back into the gas tank and seal it tightly. 

Mistakes to avoid while refilling the gas

Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid:

  • Avoid draining the tank, as it can damage the carburetor. 
  • Make sure you fill the gas properly without spilling it outside on your clothes or the lawn as it can be very harmful. 
  • Gas should not get inserted in the needle flap; otherwise, the carburetor will not work. 
  • Don’t keep the fuel tank empty for a prolonged period, as water vapor can enter, which can cause rusting, corrosion, and triggering. 
  • Always use a gas stabilizer to prevent the gas from getting spoiled.
  • Wear gloves while filling the tank, as even a little droplet can cause stickiness.

What type of gas does a lawnmower need?

Two types of fuel are mostly used in lawnmowers, i.e., premium octane fuel and ethanol-free gasoline.

The fuel you should choose depends on the lawnmower’s engine.

The different model requires different fuel, so make sure you know whether the engine is a 2-stroke or 4-stroke.

Premium octane fuel is required for huge lawnmowers because it produces lower emissions and good combustion, causing the engine to run smoother. 

On the other hand, ethanol-free gasoline is good for running smaller machines.

But it is not suitable for those who want to spend less money and want smoother results. 

Engines also require maintenance with the type of fuel you use for your lawnmower.

Ethanol-free gasoline results in the engine running roughly with regular clogs, especially when the gas gets less. 

While on the other hand, premium octane fuel decreases the chances of engine failure when the fuel is low and encourages it to run much more fluently.

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Gas according to the different engines of a lawnmower

Here are the best gas according to the different engines:

For 2-stroke engine

  • Stihl 7010 871 0203 moto mix 50:1 2-stroke engine Pre-mix fuel
  • Trufuel 2-stroke 40:1 pre-blended fuel

For 4-stroke engine

  • VP small engine fuel 6208 ethanol-free 4-stroke fuel
  • Trufuel 4-stroke ethanol-free fuel

Things to consider while choosing gas for a lawnmower

You must take care of some important things while choosing the gas for the lawnmower:

  • The gas needs to be clean and fresh. Make sure it is not spoiled.
  • The gasoline octane level should have a minimum level of up to 87 and a maximum level of up to 91. Remember, higher octane levels are only used for higher altitudes.
  • If you are using gasoline with ethanol, it should contain up to 10% of ethanol. Ensure the gas doesn’t contain more than 10% ethanol; otherwise, it can cause rusting, overheating, and engine failure.

How often should the gas tank be filled?

The gas tank needs to be refilled after every 50 to 100 hours of run time.

Also, it depends on the model, size, and use of the lawnmower on how frequently you should refill the gas tank. 

Even if you don’t use your lawnmower frequently, it is always best to change the gas every season to maintain a healthy engine. 

In the case of unmixed gas, it can last up to at least 6 months; after that, it can start getting spoiled as the months go by. 

Make sure you never let the machine sit on the same old gas for months; otherwise, it can cause damage to the engine.

Instead of ignoring it, you should change it.

How much gas can a lawnmower take?

Lawn mower 1

The quantity of gas a lawnmower can take depends on the machine’s size.

Approximately a lawnmower can hold 2-4 gallons of fuel. 

A small or average-sized lawnmower can take 2 gallons of fuel, while a larger-sized lawnmower can take 3-4 gallons. 

But there is no need to fill the tank to the top. You can even get it filled in half for running the machine.

So, don’t be worried about it.

What can happen due to overfilling of the gas tank?

By any chance, if you overfill the gas tank, you must immediately take out the extra gas.

Overfilling the gas tank can cause extreme damage to the engine and the machine’s spark plug. 

You may think it’s not that risky, but it can lead to corrosion, overheating, and rusting, which can damage the entire system of the lawnmower. 

You should try never to overfill the gas tank.

If your lawnmower can hold only 2-4 gallons of fuel, fill it up to that, not above.

What to do if overfilled the lawnmower’s gas tank?

If you have filled the gas excessively in your lawnmower’s gas tank, it will need some time to adjust.

If you can’t remove the excess fuel from the tank, then try to leave it for 15-20 minutes so that the fuel will get evaporated. 

After waiting some time, the fuel in the gas tank will adjust properly, and the lawnmower engine will be ready to start. 

After starting the machine, you can slowly start to run.

If the engine runs smoother, it’s not causing any damage. 

If this mistake is made only once, it can hardly cause any damage, but if you do it repeatedly, it can ruin the whole lawnmower’s engine.

Do all lawnmowers run on gas?

Not all lawnmowers run through the gas.

There are some mowers too which are electric and run with the help of a battery that you can buy from several stores.

Using a battery-powered lawnmower is best for those who want to live a gas-free life, as it is environmentally friendly. 

But there is one problem, electric lawnmowers need to be charged timely; otherwise, they won’t run.

So, it is important to wait at least 1 to 2 hours to charge the battery.

Final words

You already know where to get the best gas for a lawnmower, i.e., a gas station or garden store. If you are confused about which is better, don’t be, as gas stations mostly provide unleaded gas, and garden store provides well-preserved gas.

Now it depends on your lawnmower’s requirements which gas suits it better. Also, choose according to the place that is more convenient to get the gas.

While refilling, ensure you don’t overfill the gas tank, as you can damage the engine. You should know your lawnmower’s tank capacity and fill it according to that.

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