What Happens If You Don’t Mow Your Lawn? (9 Possible Problems)

A trimmed lawn is likely considered a healthy one. Every owner wants to keep their lawn clean and disease free. If you don’t trim the grass, it will get taller with the cluster. The stems will become dry. Also, you will notice grass seed heads in your lawn. 

What will ultimately happen if you don’t mow your lawn?

Generally, Not mowing your lawn at all can make it untidy and unhealthy. It also makes the lawn patchy and brown and invites weeds and pests that become hard to eliminate. So, to maintain a pretty and healthy lawn, it is important to mow it frequently. Mowing once a week is recommended.

Not mowing can make the grass grow tall continuously growing tall, but you will not notice a fresh, green-pigmented color. This article can help you to know what possible problems can happen due to not mowing. Let’s read it to find out more about it. 

overgrown lawn

What problems can arise if you don’t mow the lawn? 

1. Excessive growth

When you do not mow the lawn on time, the grass will continue to grow, especially during the summer and spring seasons, because the grass grows efficiently under the warm sun and stays much more active. 

When the grass becomes extremely long, it will give a bad appearance. 

Also, it becomes quite difficult to manage the entire lawn. 

Even if you don’t have a fast-growing grass variety, you will still notice your grass is growing at its highest potential. 

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2. Unhealthy grass

If grass grows extremely long, it slowly starts to suffocate. 

Because of the long grass over the lawn, the area becomes shady, and the roots and soil hardly receive sunlight, leading to a lack of necessary nutrients. 

Extremely long grass is generally less healthy than frequently maintained and trimmed grass. 

Common signs of unhealthy grass are yellow and brown patches on your lawn. 

3. Pests infestations and diseases

If you don’t maintain your lawn properly, it becomes prone to various pests such as crickets, voles, moles, etc. 

It happens because most of the pests like to stay in a shady and messy area, so if the grass is too long, they can use it as an advantage and attack the lawn. 

Once the pests have infected the entire lawn, they can invite various fungal diseases that become very difficult to eliminate. 

4. Sudden shock

When grass is uncut for too long, you will have to cut them after some time if the situation worsens. 

Trimming the extremely long grass suddenly can cause unwanted shock, leading to weakness and diminished roots. 

This is because uncut grass, however, requires fewer resources than it needed earlier. 

Also, when the grass fails to recover from the sudden shock, it can even kill them. 

That’s why it is important to provide proper irrigation for recovery.  

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5. More grass clippings

grass clipping

If you mow the lawn when the grass is excessively long, it will cover the entire lawn with extra grass clippings, which will lay down in bunch all over the grass.

Excess grass clippings can block the sunlight, which can cause stunted growth. 

However, you can use short grass clippings for decomposing and adding nutrients to the soil. 

But taller grass clippings can sit on your lawn and can create clumps.

If the long chunked grass clippings are not removed from the lawn, they can even kill the grass. 

So, it is important to scrape up all the waste time.

6. Grass seed head

When the grasses are not trimmed for too long or exposed to extremely hot weather, you will notice that they are growing seeds. 

Seeds make your grass look like a weed because of tiny white flower-like stems. 

These seed heads on the grass can be very heavy and thick, making the stems bend down, which becomes very tough to mow. 

7. Grass becomes patchy

Lawn mower

As the grass’s height becomes too high, it gets fewer nutrients. 

Because of a lack of nutrients, the grass will not receive the right amount of feed in every area. 

After some time, you will notice the grass is growing at a dissimilar height, and slowly, you will see the grass is turning brown in your lawn. 

Also, the grass starts to get seed heads and some unwanted growth, giving your lawn a poor, patchy, wild look. 

8. It becomes difficult to mow

When the grass grows extremely tall, it becomes quite impossible to trim and manage. 

If you finally decide to mow the lawn after so long, it will be much harder for you to trim the grass equally without creating a mess. 

Mowing a larger amount of grass with lots of grass clippings can make the situation messier and untidy. 

Also, there could be weeds overgrowing in your lawn, which becomes very tough to get rid of. 

Instead of just mowing, you must pull them off the roots. 

Also, using a lawnmower to mow the lawn creates too much pressure on the engine, leading to overheating, corrosion, rusting, and engine failure.

9. Complaints and amends

Some organizations pressurizes the owner to maintain the lawn. 

If any owner lives in a place under any organization, they will stay under a lot of pressure to maintain the lawn properly. 

Some organizations include serious rules, where you will have to maintain the grass height according to their instructions. 

If you fail to maintain the lawn according to the organization, you can receive frequent complaints and punishments, and they can even charge high amends. 

How long can grass grow if left uncut?

overgrown lawn 2

Leaving the grass on your lawn without trimming it can make them grow continuously. 

As there are different varieties of grass, they will each give a different overgrown look.

However, in some cities, the grass is not allowed to grow taller than 8 inches because maintaining its lawn is strict. 

But in the case of rural areas, you can have freedom on how you want to keep your lawn. 

Because of this, the grass can grow extremely long. 

But it doesn’t create a straight, tall wall by overgrowing like you may have thought. 

Rather than that, once the grass gets too tall, it starts to droop over. 

In the beginning, you will notice the grass is growing unevenly. 

Then, after some time, when the grass is left uncut, you will notice weeds, wildflowers, and clovers in your yard. 

If you are still letting the grass grow, you will see new weeds and grass taking over. 

Rather than a beautiful lawn, you will see a wild overgrown area. 

Does grass die if it grows extremely long?

Lawn mower 2

Grass doesn’t die if it grows to a definite length. 

But it will droop over and build wild-looking surroundings when it grows extremely tall.

Well, it is known that overgrown grass is much healthier than short grass. 

But that doesn’t mean you should stop trimming it to make it in good health. 

This can create a negative result. 

If you are new, try to trim your grass to keep it healthy. 

But if you have already overgrown the grass, don’t cut it suddenly; otherwise, it can get into a shock and die. 

Try to cut the grass little by little without putting stress on it. 

The grass may not die due to overgrowing, but cutting the long grass suddenly can do. 

So be careful with that. 

What types of insects can attack overgrown grass?

If you don’t mow your lawn, extremely long grass can attract various types of insects, which can threaten your lawn.

Some insects and pests which can attack your overgrown grass are crickets, moles, voles, mosquitos, ticks, and fleas. 

These insects can create a huge problem for you, especially in the case of fleas. 

Fleas can even get into your home, and the situation can get even worse when you have a pet. 

Fleas can attack your pet’s fur and produce eggs all over its body, which can be risky and scary. 

Even if no pet exists, you can still get an infection from a flea. 

To avoid such insects in your yard and home, try to keep mowing the grass. 

Reasons why you should mow the lawn

Lawn mower bag

To maintain a neat lawn, you should cut the grass more frequently. Here are some basic reasons why you should mow the lawn:

1. Helps to prevent rodents and pests

Tall grass provides good coverage, unlike short grass. 

So, it becomes a good chance for rodents and pests to attack your lawn. 

They can hide anywhere they like, and you will not even know. 

So, to prevent this, you should frequently mow the lawn without delay. 

2. Keeps termites and insects away

Termites and insects love to stay in dead wood and overgrown grass. 

So, if you cut the grass regularly and clear out the overgrown environment, you can keep such insects away. 

You should do that before they make a home in your yard. 

3. Decreases watering costs

Watering the overgrown grass in your lawn increases watering requirements, especially when paying for it.

If you pay for a fixed maintenance routine, like irrigation, watering the short grass is much easier and beneficial than tall grass as it will require less water and costs. 

So it can easily lower your watering costs.

4. Saves money and time

Frequently trimming down the grass can save you money and time. 

You are wondering how? 

This is because when you let your grass grow extremely long, there is a high chance of getting warnings and penalties. 

You will need to pay a huge amount to maintain the grass height properly.

So, if you already maintain your lawn and mow on time, you can avoid such issues.

How to mow tall grass?

Riding Lawn mower 1

If you have already overgrown the grass in your lawn, it’s never too late to fix it. 

By mowing, you can get the desired height of your grass. 

First, adjust the height by 4 to 6 inches, depending on the mower you have. 

Step 1: When you are done adjusting the height of the mower’s blade, the main motive is to decrease the grass height. 

This will be a very long process as you will have to do it slowly without pressuring the mower and grass. 

If the mower engine stops while mowing, clean the blade frequently to avoid clogs. Then pause for some time. 

Step 2: After trimming the grass to a manageable height, you will have to adjust the setting again by reducing the blade height before mowing for the 2nd time. 

Step 3: Then again trim the grass slowly as you did earlier, and then clean the blade frequently during the mowing process to avoid stopping the engine. Then, wait for a few days to recover the grass.

Step 4: After waiting for a few days, you will have to mow the lawn for the 3rd time. First, adjust the mower’s blade to its normal height, 2-3 inches. Then, mow the lawn again to give a finish cut. But you are not finished yet, as you have to get rid of the grass clippings. 

Step 5: You can use a lead blower to get rid of the clippings for huge yards. Otherwise, you can use a broom or rake for cleaning up. 

Warning: If your lawn is wet, avoid mowing the grass. It can be very hard to trim down the grass with the mower. Wait for a few days until the lawn is completely dry, and then start the mowing process.

Basic things to consider while mowing the tall grass

  • Sharpen the blades: Before mowing the grass, ensure the blades are in good condition. If it is blunt, try to sharpen or change the blade. 
  • Prepare safety: Grab a pair of gloves, safety glasses, and ear protection, and wear a full-sleeve shirt, pants, and rubber boots while using the mower. 
  • Look for debris: The area should be free from rocks, branches, and other debris to avoid damaging the machine.
  • Keep pets and children far from the lawn: Try to keep them far away from the lawn; otherwise, they can cause injury. Also, be aware of moles, snakes, rodents, etc. 
  • Stop often: While dealing with the long grass, stop the mowing process frequently to avoid stress on the grass and the machine. 
  • Trim the lawn in the summer and spring: The best time to mow the lawn is during summer and spring. Avoid mowing during winter as the grass will not recover during cold weather and may even die. 

Final words

The grass will grow wilder if you do not cut it on time. Your yard will have a poor and unclean look with various types of unwanted grass, weeds, wildflowers, etc. 

Many insects, pests, rodents, and snakes can also hide in the overgrown grass, which can be a huge threat to you and the family.

Not maintaining the lawn can also charge you huge fines and expel you from your property. 

To avoid such troubles, you should mow the lawn frequently. 

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