What Pot Is Best For Aloe Vera Plant? (Pot Type, Size & More)

Aloe Veras are known for their healing properties, and it’s good to have them indoors or in the garden. They are either grown in the ground or in containers. But have you ever wondered what kind of pot should be ideal for them? Let’s find out.

Always pick a terracotta or ceramic pot for your aloe vera plant as it dries out quickly and helps in the soil’s aeration. Ideally, 6-20 inches of pot size is recommended for an aloe vera plant. While repotting your aloe vera, you can choose a pot that is 2 inches bigger than the existing pot.

These are some of the common basic needs. However, there is a lot more to know.

I have explained the factors to consider while choosing a suitable pot for Aloe Vera. I have also covered suggested commercial pots, which might be good for your aloes.

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What are the factors to consider while choosing a pot?

While selecting the correct type of pot for Aloe Vera plants, some factors need consideration.

Besides the care and maintenance you give, the plant’s health also depends on the pot it sits in.

A planter is the home of the plant.

So, without considering the factors, the plant will not stay healthy. 

Proper drainage

The most important factor about the pot is drainage.

Drainage holes in the pots drain out the excess water from them.

It ensures that no excess moisture remains and keeps the roots healthy. 

But without drainage holes, the excess water remains in the pot.

The soil and the roots stay moist for prolonged periods and result in overwatering and root rot.

It will also promote various bacterial and fungal infections.

Your container should also have well-drained gritty soil to drain the remaining moisture.

It will replicate the plant’s native growing conditions.

Sometimes, compact soil can block the drainage holes.

These gritty materials will prevent this blocking.

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The size of the pot

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When selecting a pot for the Aloe Vera, you need to take the right size where the plant can sit and spread its roots properly.

It might be tempting to select a bigger pot because you don’t have to change it when it gets overcrowded.

But, it will ultimately deteriorate the health of the plant.

A bigger pot needs more soil.

When watered, the soil will take a lot of time to dry out.

As a result, the roots will remain damp for a long time.

This can result in overwatering.

Additionally, the roots grow and spread much more than the plant gets to grow.

This can make the plant delicate.

A small pot doesn’t have enough space for the roots to spread.

It may cause overcrowding, stunted growth, and root rot.

The ideal size of the pot should be about 1/3rd larger than the plant.

A slightly bigger pot like this will give the roots at least 1-2 inches more space at the sides.

They can spread properly and absorb water from every side of the soil.

Depth of the pot

Aloe Vera roots grow horizontally and stay shallow.

This means they don’t require a deep container.

The plant will again undergo overwatering if you take a deep planter.

It can also cause root rot.

Go for a wider container but not a deep one.

Choose a shallow pot so that the roots can spread and reach the bottom.

Material of the pot

Plant pot

Containers come in plastic, ceramics, terra cotta, resin, wood, and metal.

Not all pot materials are ideal for Aloe Vera.

Since Aloe Vera thrives in dry conditions, you can go for the terracotta or the ceramics.

Both ceramics and terracotta can help in good ventilation.

Especially, terracotta can wick away moisture quickly. 

Though these are good, they can be heavy after the plant grows bigger.

Shifting them for sunlight or protection during the cold can be hectic work.

So, you can switch to resin or plastic once they grow big.

The big plant is well-established with healthy roots and can endure less ventilation and drainage.

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Weight of the pot

Pots like ceramics and terracotta become too heavy after being watered.

Rather, use a pot that can be changed when required.

Sometimes, you might have to take the plant indoors to outdoors to let them have adequate sunlight.

Again, you have to bring them indoors during the frozen winters to protect them from cold injury.

On the contrary, while choosing a lightweight pot, you must consider the plant’s stability in the selected container.

If they are in the ground or the plant is big enough, you must use a heavy pot to keep the plant from falling off.

There are many options, but you must select the one that goes best with your plant’s stability and health.

Cost and time required to maintain the selected pot

If you want to save your money and time, choose containers that don’t require frequent changing.

It also intervenes in the plant’s smooth growth and development.

If you use a wooden container just because they look unique, you have to treat them annually with preservatives or paint to maintain their appearance.

The chemical used for maintaining their beauty is quite costly and can even be harmful to the plant.

Prioritize the health of your plant rather than your love for design.

Buy those containers that are easy to maintain and good for the plant in the long run.

But, if you insist on using wooden pots, ask for all the maintenance requirements from the buyer, so you don’t have to suffer later.

What pot is best for Aloe Vera plants?

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Depending on the factors explained above, you can choose the best pot for your Aloe Vera plant.

Let’s take a look at it.

Size of the pot

Aloe Veras can grow around 1-2 feet tall.

Their roots are shallow, and they must sit well and fill the container properly.

So they can absorb water from every portion of the soil, there should neither be a shortage nor too much space.

A pot 1/3rd bigger than the plant’s size is good for Aloe Vera.

For the small Aloe Veras, a 3-6 inches diameter pot is ideal.

Look for a container measuring 6-20 inches in diameter for the bigger Aloe Vera plants.

Choose a wide container, not a deep one.

Do not go for a too big or too deep container.

The best pot for Aloe Veras would be the one that is 3-6 inches in diameter and only 2-4 inches in height.

Since they don’t grow deep but horizontal with shallow roots, you don’t have to choose a deep pot.

A too deep pot will give the same results as the big container would give, i.e., overwatering and root rot.

Consider the aesthetic if you have a fascination for beauty and design.

The Aloe Vera plant will have a different look with a beautiful container.

The containers can increase the visual interest of your garden or indoor space. 

There are many kinds of containers in various colors.

You can select one that fits indoor decor or outdoor garden look.

You can also choose a color that gives a good contrast with your plant and other potted plants.

Many people opt for terracotta pots because of their porous quality.

But since there are many options, you can have anyone that fits your garden or indoor space.

You can even use cachepots if you want to hide your ugly pot.

However, the best pot would be an easy-going aesthetic.

Along with the style and color match, it should be easy to carry and move from one place to another when needed.

A porous pot is best for Aloe Vera.

Though there are many options, a container made of porous material is great for Aloe Vera.

Pots made of clay or terracotta and other porous materials help the easy movement of the air circulation and moisture.

They can wick away moisture quickly.

It will also help the fresh air flow and move around the soil and roots and encourage quick dryness and healthy growth.

Since Aloe Vera belongs to dry regions, it would love to stay in such pots.

These containers also don’t get heated up quickly during the sun and thus, keep the roots cool.

However, you should know that since these pots wick away moisture faster, it can be a problem during the hot summers when the sun is intense.

It can stress the plant with underwatering.

So, you must water the plant whenever you check the soil’s moisture and the soil goes dry.

You must be careful about their summer dormancy.

Plastic or ceramics are helpful during such hot and dry weather, the latter being more useful.

Ceramics support good ventilation.

They can retain moisture and prevent the plant from experiencing underwatering.

However, you must check the soil moisture daily before watering.

Commercial pots for Aloe Vera

I hope it will be easier for you to select the right pot for your Aloe Vera from the above information.

However, below I have shared some ideal pots for Aloe Vera plants. 

If you don’t want to put extra effort into too much searching, try the following pots for your plant.

Let’s have a look.

aloe vera repotting

Brajttt 4-inch Cylinder Flower Pots

These pots are 4-inch ceramic pots having a height of 3.6 inches.

They have a pack of six that you can show off together.

These pots are resilient, affordable, and suitable for indoor and outdoor gardens.

Indoors, you can also keep the different sets at different locations.

Though they look simply white, you will spot a visual contrast when placed together.

They have drainage holes and come with an attached saucer.

But, here is the demerit.

You cannot take out the saucer separately from the pot.

But with a slight tilt, the excess water can come out.

Another drawback is that since their size is small, you cannot use them for big aloe plants.

Buy Brajttt 4-inch Cylinder Flower Pots here.

D’vine Dev Terracotta Pots for Plants

These are terracotta containers that come in 3 sets.

They have a round shape with a matte finish.

These containers also have matching saucers and stainless steel drainage nets.

It ensures that no soil gets wasted at the time of watering.

The scratch guards will keep the saucers from damaging floors indoors.

They are available in three sizes with a width and height of 4.2 inches, 5.3 inches, and 6.5 inches.

These planters are suitable for re-potting the growing Aloe Veras.

Since they are made of porous materials, you have to water them too often, especially during the dry summers.

Buy D’vine Dev Terracotta Pots for Plants here.

MyGift 10-inch Rectangular Modern White Ceramic Pot

These ceramics measure 10 inches in length, 5 inches in width, and 4 inches in height.

They have two drainage holes and removable matching saucers. You can use them for both small and big plants. 

These have round and smooth corners, are white, and weigh 3 pounds.

However, these are heavier than the other containers and hold one quart of soil.

Keep them outdoors if your plant is big or you don’t want to bring them indoors.

Buy MyGift 10-inch Rectangular Modern White Ceramic Pot here.

Zoutog Succulent Planter with Bamboo Tray

These containers are round, wide, and shallow, perfect for Aloe Vera plants.

These plants, too, have horizontal and shallow roots, and these pots can help them sit and spread well.

It will keep the Aloe vera healthy for a long time.

They have drainage holes and come with a bamboo tray.

They have a bright, minimal look which can give your indoor or outdoor space a modern look.

The only con is the bamboo tray which will bend due to too much moisture.

Buy Zoutog Succulent Planter with Bamboo Tray here.

Round Planter with Drainage Hole in Glazed Ceramic

These pots are round, wide, and shallow, perfect for Aloe Veras.

The roots can spread well and stay healthy.

Since they are big, they are ideal for big Aloe Vera plants. 

You can also keep small Aloe Veras combined with some other small succulents having the same requirements.

It will help you create a small garden pot indoors.

They have a ceramic glaze and smooth finish.

These pots have drainage holes for sound drainage and sufficient air circulation to support dry conditions, just like the Aloe Vera enjoys.

The only problem is, you have to buy a saucer separately as they don’t come with any saucer.

Buy Round Planter with Drainage Hole in Glazed Ceramic here.

Brief tips for selecting the right pot

Though several shapes and types of containers are available, always select the best ones for your Aloe Vera.

Consider all the factors required.

  • The pot will impact greatly on watering, soil, and fertilizer.
  • Choose a container that neither takes a lot of space nor gets lost in the background somewhere. 
  • Without a proper type of planter, the plant will not stay healthy. It can cause issues like overwatering, root rot, rootbound, droopy or discolored leaves.
  • The pot should balance retention and drainage, just like the soil. It should neither wick away the moisture too quickly nor retain it too long.
  • There should be at least 1-2 drainage holes of adequate size to drain out the water.
  • You can use glazed or plastic pots. But as a beginner, go for the terra cotta or clay pots instead.

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