How Much Gas Can A Lawnmower Hold? (+Average Gas Usage)

Most homeowners use a lawnmower to mow their lawns, and the machine will only run if its gas tank is filled. The amount of gas your lawnmower can hold depends on the type of lawnmower you are using. It is the right article for you if you need clarification about how much gas your lawnmower can hold.   

The push lawn mower can generally hold 1 to 2 liters of fuel. A riding lawnmower requires more gas since it has big engines, so a medium-sized one can hold at least 7 liters of fuel, whereas a riding mower of large size will need 12-14 liters for a full tank. The capacity can vary on the models.

This article will provide information about how much gas your lawnmower can hold. It will also help you to differentiate between good and bad fuel and how to manage gas effectively. 

Lawn mower gas refill

What type of gas should I use in my lawnmower?

The kind of gas you should use in your lawnmower depends on the mower’s type and the working environment. 

Some general guidelines are there that we can consider.  

For instance, a gas with more than 10% ethanol should not be used.  

Otherwise, the engine will suffer from damage only after 2 fill-ups. 

You can read the manual if you need clarification regarding how much gas your lawnmower can hold.

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What is the amount of gas required by different lawnmowers?

Different types of lawnmowers will have different requirements for gas.

As said previously, the most accurate answer to this question depends on the type and model of your lawnmower. 

In general, lawnmowers are of three types based on the intensity of performance and the machine’s weight. 

They push or walk behind lawnmowers, riding lawnmowers, and commercial lawnmowers. 

Knowing how much gas your lawnmower can hold is important if you plan to get one. 

Generally, we accept “per acre” as a unit of measurement for lawnmowers.

Also, the cost of fuel is calculated per acre of land.

Let us now discuss the amount of gas required by each mower.

1. Push lawnmowers

Push lawnmowers are used on small acres of land.  

It is the smallest mower designed for doing less and easier lawn work.

It is used in small, level areas with fewer bumps. 

The lawnmower’s fuel usage is low since its engines use less energy. 

Generally, a household push lawnmower will need half a liter of fuel to fill the gas tank. 

You can use one full fuel tank to mow ½ acre of land. For mowing 1 acre of land, you will need 2 tanks or 1 liter of fuel.  

Some models of push mowers have a higher gas capacity which you can understand from the manual.

2. Riding lawnmowers

riding Lawn mower 2

The riding lawnmowers come with a sitting arrangement where we can mow the whole lawn by riding on it.  

The pedals in them will help you to control the brakes, turns, and acceleration. 

These mowers are used for heavier duty, to mow large acres of land, uneven areas with bumps, and rough terrain.  

They provide more safety, better control, and power. 

The riding lawnmowers are of different types based on their size. 

The small riding lawnmowers require less than 2 gallons of gas to fill a tank, and it can be more than 6 liters of fuel.  

Therefore, they will use 1 gallon of fuel per acre of land. 

Medium-sized riding lawnmowers need 2 gallons of gas to fill a tank.  

Hence they will use 1.5 gallons of fuel per acre of land. 

The fuel consumption by small riding lawnmowers is 20 to 40 % more than push lawnmowers. 

3. Commercial and tractor-styled lawnmowers

riding Lawn mower 4

Commercial and tractor lawnmowers are very large, and their fuel capacity is the highest. 

They are used for mowing large acres of land and require more fuel.  

You can use them on rough terrains and large areas. 

The tractor lawnmowers can hold fuel up to 2 to 3 gallons. 

Commercial lawnmowers consume more gas per acre of land, so they have a fuel capacity of 5 to 6 gallons.

A higher fuel capacity helps the operator to mow the lawn for an extended period. 

Which gas is best for lawnmowers?

The lawnmowers need the correct type of fuel to work effectively. 

You can refer to the owner’s manual to know what gas you need for your lawnmower. 

The lawnmower’s engine will get damaged quickly if the gas is bad or adulterated. 

You should consider some standards before selecting the right fuel for the lawnmower. 

They are ethanol level, lead, and octane rating. Let us now discuss each of these standards in detail.

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Ethanol amount in fuel

In a lawnmower, the ethanol amount should be at most 10%. 

If the level of ethanol increases, the lawnmower will absorb more moisture.

And if this happens, the presence of ethanol will hold moisture for a longer time and destroy the gas line. 

Hence, the air filters and gasoline system will get damaged, and the engine casing will weaken.

Lead particles

Using good quality fuel that doesn’t carry lead particles is always better.

If the fuel has lead particles, the octane level will fall over time, resulting in sticky valves.

Octane rating

The lawnmower engines will perform better if you use high-grade unleaded fuel.  

The octane rating of a quality fuel is 87.  

A rating less than the minimum rate will cause engine knocking.  

The more the octane rating, the better the quality of the fuel.

If your lawnmower has a 4-stroke engine, you should use gasoline with an octane rating of 87 and above. 

Also, for a 2-stroke engine, you can use the same gas, but it will be better to add 2-cycle engine oil. 

What will happen if you use the wrong fuel?

Lawn mower 1

Your lawnmower will show you some signs if you use the wrong fuel. 

You may find difficulty starting the device, foul-smelling fumes, stalling, stumbling noises, rough idling, etc. 

Suppose you find any of the above issues. 

In that case, you must empty the gas tank, remove the gasoline filter and wash the carbonator. 

What are the signs of wrong fuel?

You can identify the wrong fuel by checking its appearance, smell, and shelf life. 

1. Fuel appearance 

If a fuel turns bad, there will be differences in its composition, due to which it will turn dark and muddier. 

When the fuel is in the first stage of becoming bad, it will show an amber color. 

2. Fuel odor 

When the fuel turns bad, it will emit an acidic and intolerable smell which will be different from the general smell of fresh fuel.

3. Fuel shelf life

The shelf life, here, refers to the length of time the fuel will be suitable for use. 

Fresh fuel can last for 4 months. But if the fuel contains ethanol, its shelf life reduces, making it worse. 

How can I save fuel for a longer time?

Lawn mower bag

You can follow certain techniques to save fuel which will help you to save finance and future damage to your lawnmower. 

1. Use new fuel

The first and most important thing you should remember is to use fresh unleaded fuel.

Allowing the fuel to sit on the engine for a long time will cause the engine to break down, reducing the mower’s efficiency. 

If the performance decreases, the lawnmower will consume more fuel for the same work, increasing the cost per acre of land. 

You can avoid this problem by using the lawnmower regularly.  

Also, never make the mistake of mixing old and new fuel, as the old gas can contaminate the new gas.

During the refill, drain out the earlier fuel before filling the gas tank with the new fuel. 

Try maintaining an octane rating of 87, a maximum ethanol level of 10%, and no dirt, water, or contamination. 

2. Use fuel stabilizers

If your lawnmower is full of fuel, but you don’t want to use it now, then you can add fuel stabilizers to keep the fresh for a longer time.

The stabilizers will prevent the gas from evaporating and maintain fuel standards. 

3. Adjust the altitudes

There will be more fuel burning if you don’t make proper adjustments and use the machine at higher altitudes. 

Also, the lawnmower performance will decrease, leading to more fuel consumption. 

It is necessary to maintain an altitude of at least 5000 ft.  

For higher altitudes, the minimum octane rating should be 85. 

Other fuel consumption factors include rough terrain, speed, acceleration, bumps, etc.

However, using the lawnmower carefully and skilfully at a steady pace will decrease gas usage and save money.

How to fill gas in a lawnmower?

Lawn mower gas

You can fill the gas in your lawnmower by following 4 easy steps. 

1. Find the tank

The gas tank in a lawnmower is present at its back or on the side. 

Sometimes, the gas tank is hidden or covered, and in such cases, you will need to find it under a cover or by a symbol. 

2. Take out the cap

Please remove the gas tank’s cap by rotating it counterclockwise.  

In some lawnmowers, the cap is locked, and you need a key to open it. 

3. Fill the gas

Take a funnel or nozzle to avoid spilling or splashing fuel.  

Pay attention to the fill lines and carefully fill the tank with fuel.

4. Put back the cap

Now, in the final step, you will need to put back the cap and tighten it, and you can do with your work. 

How long does it take to mow a lawn?

overgrown lawn 2

On average, the lawnmower will usually take 2 hours to run a full tank, assuming it is an average-sized tank. 

The duration, however, depends on the tank size and the lawnmower type. 

The best method to figure out how much time your lawnmower will take to mow the lawn is by filling the tank and then running it to see how long it last. 

There are some other variables too that you should consider. 

For instance, fuel consumption will increase if you mow an inclined land. 

Also, if the lawn has long grasses, the lawnmower will consume more fuel.

If you have managed your lawnmower well, it will provide you with better fuel efficiency. 

Final words

Lawnmowers are expensive, so we all desire our lawnmowers will last for many years. 

Investing in good fuel and following maintenance practices will help you save money and protect your lawnmower from damage. 

Knowing the appropriate amount of gas your lawnmower can hold will help you detect any problem if anything is wrong. 

The fuel capacity in a lawnmower will depend on the model, intended use, and the operation environment. 

Keeping the fuel at the correct level in the gas tank is important for increasing the performance and lifespan of the life mower. 

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