How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Lawn Mower? (+7 Popular Providers)

Maintaining a properly mowed lawn can sometimes be struggling. So if you decide to get a lawnmower but don’t have any proper idea whether to purchase or rent it, then this article can help you. 

So is this even possible to rent a lawnmower? And how much does it cost?

Generally, renting a lawnmower for a shorter and longer duration is possible. On average, it will cost around $100-$200 if you rent a lawnmower for 24 hours. But if you want to rent it for a longer duration, the cost comes down, and it will cost up to $500 weekly or 2000$ monthly.

Some lawnmowers come at a huge price which can be very expensive. So, instead of that renting a lawnmower is a good idea.

Many places provide lawnmower rental services. This article will help you know about those services and the prices. Let’s dive into it. 

Lawn mower

Benefits of renting a lawnmower

If you decide to rent a lawnmower, you should first understand whether it is worth it. 

Check out these benefits if you are considering renting a lawnmower. 

  • Saves money: If you plan to buy a lawnmower to make mowing faster and easier, you will have to invest a lot of money. Whether you want a push lawnmower or a zero-turn lawnmower, you may have to spend 2000-3000$ or even more while purchasing it. But if you mow the lawn only a few times every year, the price you will spend while purchasing can be very high and unnecessary. On the other hand, you can rent a lawnmower when needed, costing $60-$70 for 4 hours and $100 for the whole day (24 hours). 
  • Can afford a good quality mower easily: When you can’t afford a good quality lawnmower, you can just rent it. Not only does it save a lot of money, but it can also give you a better quality product according to your needs at a cheaper price. By renting, you can easily choose the best quality lawnmower at a low cost. 
  • Saves energy and time: Renting can save time and energy. Now you are wondering how? It is because when you don’t have proper knowledge and budget while buying the right product for the lawn, you can get a poor product that can cost you extra hours and energy. By renting, you can choose the lawnmower freely according to your needs without wasting extra time and energy on an unsuitable lawnmower. 

Is renting a lawnmower costly?

lawn mower in store 3

Renting a lawnmower can be both expensive and cheaper. 

It depends on the different kinds of rental services. 

Some rental companies provide rent of lawnmowers for $100-$200 for a whole day (24 hours), while weekly costs can rise to $500. 

This can be very expensive for most people. 

While on the other hand, some rental company provides rent for $60 for 4 hours and $100 for the entire day, which is somewhat cheaper. 

There are some companies which cost 50% higher than the other companies, so you should choose according to your own needs. 

But if you mow the lawn very rarely every year, then investing some money will not do any harm.

7 popular lawnmower providers with the cost

When you want to mow the grass, the only issue is you don’t have your lawnmower. 

Some mowers are very costly, so it is not always suitable for people who can’t afford them. 

But thanks to lawnmower rental companies which give services all around the country to enjoy a broad variety of lawnmowers.

Many places provide lawnmower rental services so you can mow the grass anytime. 

If you want to rent a good quality lawnmower, let’s discuss some most popular lawnmower rental providers along with the cost:

  • Home Depot
  • Aaron’s 
  • Lowe’s
  • Sunbelt rentals
  • Rentals yard
  • Rentals
  • United rentals

Looking for gardening supplies? We have tested 100's of products before recommending them to you guys. Check out our best pick below:

1. Home Depot

Home depot

Home Depot is a famous company that provides a wide variety of affordable products, including lawnmowers. 

You can rent lawn conditioning tools, aerators, lawnmowers, trimmers, sod, cutters, and even trucks if you want. 

You can either rent a push lawnmower or high powered lawnmower according to your needs. 

Home Depot has around 1100 rental stores all over the US and Canada. 

You just have to search it with your location, and you will see all the available local stores. 

Benefits of home depot

  • Provides optional damage protection facility.
  • Rental centers are always open, i.e., 7 days a week. 
  • Available in over 1000+ locations. 
  • You can rent it for 4 hours daily, weekly, and even monthly. 


For 21 inches High wheel push lawnmower
  • For 4 hours- $22
  • Whole day- $31
  • For 7 days(Per week)- $124
  • For per month- $372
For self-propelled lawnmower
  • For 4 hours- $25
  • Whole day- $36
  • For 7 days(Per week)- $144
  • For per month- $432
Huge 30 inches self-propelled lawnmower
  • For 4 hours- $32
  • Whole day- $46
  • For 7 days(Per week)- $184
  • For per month- $552

Home Depot is considered one of the cheapest rental providers, but the prices also vary with the different locations.

There are some places where centers charge $150 for 4 hours, so maybe it is not always the cheapest option. 

Each branded lawnmower has different prices, so it is better to check the pricing and availability in the nearest store. 

2. Aaron’s 

Lawn mower in store

Aaron’s is quite different from other rental centers. Here, you can rent a lawnmower for some time and then own it officially. 

When renting a lawnmower from Aaron’s service, you will be making a monthly investment for some product, and then after some time, you will own it after you are done with all the payments. 

But one of the drawbacks is the prices are quite expensive. 


Pricing depends on the type and brand of lawnmower you want to get. 

Normally, the prices are $99 to $339 per month. It just depends on the quality and type. 

Also, some initial payment is required that can begin from $25 to $199. 

You may think the price is high, but the biggest advantage is you can actually own it after the full payment. 

3. Lowe’s 

Lowe’s is another store that provides rental services at good prices. 

Lowe’s provides a wide variety of lawnmowers to rent, depending on your place.

You can search for different lawnmowers on Lowe’s website and choose which lawnmower is suitable for you to use. 

Both home depot and Lowe’s are one of the cheapest options to rent a lawnmower. 

Also, Lowe’s has more variety of options in lawnmowers compared to home depot, which becomes more convenient. 


  • For 4 hours- $20
  • Whole day- $28
  • For 7 days(Per week)- $112
  • For per month- $448

The prices may vary with the equipment’s brand, model, and size. 

So you should do proper research about it.

4. Sunbelt rentals

Sunbelt is the most famous rental service that provides various products for rent, for example, industrial tools, scaffolding, and construction equipment.

You can either rent a push lawnmower or a self-propelled lawnmower according to your need.

Most mowers provided by the Sunbelt rentals have 21 inches cutting width and flexible cutting heights, which means these lawnmowers are suitable for almost everyone. 

Sunbelt rentals also provide a rental protection plan to their customers to balance out any theft and damages while renting the product. 

This plan is not compulsory, but it is good to do so as it can cover the excessive cost due to sudden accidents. 


  • A wide variety of lawnmowers are available on this website. 
  • A rental protection plan is available to balance the cost in case of theft or damage. 
  • Available in over 950+ locations.
  • It has expert product support.


If you want to know the exact price according to the location you live, Sunbelt rentals have the perfect website for that. 

On the official website of Sunbelt rentals, you can just search the prices by typing the zip code or postal code of your area and get the exact price on the website. 

For example, if you type the zip code- AK 00501, USA on the search menu, the rates will be displayed according to the different duration, $88 for 4 hours, $150 for 1 day, and $370 for 1 week. 

5. Rental yard

A rental yard is a marketplace for rental products. 

By using the location, you can search for what type of equipment you need, and you can also leave a note if you want to request the required equipment.

Here, you can rent from an individual seller, which can be both convenient and risky. 

It gives you many options for lawnmowers, but due to unknown sellers, it can be a bit risky too. 

For renting, you can contact the seller directly with the help of phone and email. Here the pricing depends on the different sellers. 

The seller will tell you the lawnmower cost through email or phone, and you can choose it according to your suitability. 

6. United rentals

United rentals were established in 1997 and are one of the biggest equipment rental services worldwide. 

This company provides many options for the type of lawnmower you want to rent. 

Just like Sunbelt rentals, united rentals also provide rental protection plan.

This plan manages the coverage if anything inconvenience happens to the lawnmower while renting it. 


Availability and pricing depend on the place you live. 

But normally, this rental company provides a lawnmower that costs up to $99 for the entire day and $310 per week. 

It is quite expensive compared to other rental services, but it is one of the trustworthy companies. 

7. Rentals

Rental provides different kinds of lawnmowers as a rental that can suit anybody’s requirements. 

The price range depends on the type of lawnmower you want to get. 

If you want to know the exact price, you can contact the company to get more information about the equipment and the price.


20”6 push lawnmower
  • For 4 hours- $20
  • For the entire day- $33
Brush cutter walk (26” Billy goat)
  • For 4 hours- $75
  • For the entire day- $115
Zero-turn lawnmower
  • For 4 hours- $173
  • For the entire day- $173

The prices may change with time. So, you should keep checking the prices on the website to know the exact price. 

What type of lawnmower is affordable to rent?

lawn mower in store 2

Renting a hand-powered lawnmower is the most affordable option. 

Rental pricing increases with the size and power of the lawnmower, so you should keep this in mind while choosing it at an affordable price. 

For example, renting a manual lawnmower costs up to $25-$35 per hour and $100 for 24 hours, but not more than that. 

On the other hand, if you need a huge and non-manual lawnmower, the price will jump much higher. 

A riding lawnmower will cost up to $200-$300 per day, which is very expensive and not a great idea for long-lasting renting. 

Renting a lawnmower for a short-term period can be suitable for you, but if you mow frequently and want a high-powered lawnmower, it is better to purchase it. 

Also, different rental services provide rent at different prices. 

So, do proper research on the pricing of each service to get an affordable range.

What is cheaper? To rent or purchase a lawnmower?

Generally, it is less costly when you rent a lawnmower for the short term.

Renting a high-powered lawnmower for long-term purposes can cost you almost thousands of dollars per month, which is not at all convenient.

The top 3 reasons why you should rent a lawnmower are that it saves money, it has less maintenance, and you can afford a high-quality lawnmower at lower prices easily. 

Also, some companies pick up and drop off the lawnmower at the home and business, making it much easier.

If you don’t cut the grass frequently, renting is a great idea, but paying rental fees can be very costly when you cut the grass more often. 

So, purchasing is more suitable than paying much higher prices for years. 

Is it better to hire a landscaper or rent a lawnmower?

Lawn mower service 2

Hiring a professional landscaper is great if you are unsure about renting a lawnmower. 

Landscaper charges the money according to per acre/hour, so this isn’t a problem when you have a small lawn. 

Most landscaping company provides two landscapers who charge $50-$100 per hour. 

Renting a lawnmower can cost you around $50 or more in 1 to 4 hours, which is less costly.

If the lawn is huge, it is better to rent a lawnmower as it can be expensive to hire a landscaper. 

Hiring a landscaper each month for some hours will charge you at least $100 per hour, whereas you just use a rented lawnmower for just $50 or even less. 

Final words

For maintaining the lawn, it is very important to find a less costly way to mow it.

The average cost for renting a lawnmower is $100 per day to $1000 monthly, depending on the location and rental services.

If you want to rent a lawnmower, do proper research, check the cost of different rental companies, and choose the most affordable one. 

But if you mow the lawn quite frequently, purchasing the lawnmower is better than spending money each time you mow the lawn.

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