8 Reasons You Should Buy Plants From A Local Nursery

We all love to have plants in our gardens and houses as it adds greenery and refreshment to our lives. But selecting the right one from the right place is a matter of concern. Buying plants from local nurseries is one of the best ideas. Why? Let’s understand.

Buying plants from local nurseries has many advantages; you get native and healthy plants, the plants are cheaper in price, it saves time, and there is less fear of foreign pests. Besides, the employees can advise you about the care needs of the specific plant you buy. 

Buying plants from the local nurseries ensures that the plants you buy will stay well in your house and flourish in the long run. This guide will take you through some reasons and explain the benefits of buying plants from local nurseries.

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8 Reasons for buying plants from local nurseries

In today’s digital world, everyone is obsessed with online shopping.

Besides dresses, devices, and other materials, even plants are available online.

But when you buy them online, you don’t get to know the exact care tips for the plant, and you might face certain issues. 

You don’t know whether the plant will be able to survive in the surrounding condition.

You don’t receive proper advice from anyone about the plant, and you might face some issues about which you are completely naive. 

But buying offline doesn’t have these disadvantages, especially if you are shopping from the local nurseries. 

Here are the reasons why you must buy plants from the local stores:

1. You get native plants.

You spend several hours online selecting a plant, exploring its needs, and then providing everything you know it requires after buying.

Still, it doesn’t produce any fruits or flowers and dies. 

It is no one’s fault.

The plant couldn’t survive because it doesn’t belong to your region, couldn’t cope with the surrounding atmosphere, and thus failed to live for long. 

The plants in the local nurseries are ideal for you because:

  • They are familiar with growing in the surrounding atmosphere of your living area. 
  • The environment of your area is what they need for their proper development.
  • The flowering plants will produce flowers when the season arrives, and you will know the season.
  • You get an idea of how plants will look when they grow or produce flowers.

So, you don’t have to worry about the requirements of your plant.

If given the right care, these native plants will no doubt grow well and flower when the time arrives. 

2. Employees can offer better advice.

You buy a plant online and spend hours searching about its care tips, and now you are in utter confusion.

Instead of doing this, you can buy plants from the local gardening store and ask for advice from the nursery workers about its care tips. 

They are experienced people and have been caring for these plants for years. 

They will provide you with the right and genuine growth tips to help your plant thrive in the long run. 

The knowledge they have gathered from years of practice and experience you can’t get within a few hours on the internet. 

That is why it is always a better option to get plants from the local nurseries so that you get better knowledge about their care and maintenance from the horticulturalists of the nurseries.

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3. You get healthy plants.

Nursery Plant

When you grow a plant, you may miss some requirements or overdo something.

But these things don’t happen in the nurseries. 

The nurseries give the plants all their requirements in time and don’t miss or overdo anything. 

Even if they overdo anything by mistake, the plants will take it because they are healthy and adjust themselves to overuse. 

Nurseries use multiple feeders and high-quality soil.

The plants look healthy and attractive and have a long lifespan under the care of expert gardeners. 

The nutrients provided get absorbed by the plant faster, which helps the plant flourish and fight diseases.

Besides, the nursery plants are resistant to diseases because they are grown healthily and with proper care. 

If you grow a plant on your own and get some problems due to your mistake, you won’t be able to treat it well.

You try many methods to fix it but end up killing it.

So, it is not only frustrating but also a wastage of time. 

But nurseries always maintain and care about the plants’ health to let them thrive for a long time.

From the nurseries, you can check and buy disease-free plants.

You will also get advice about what should be done if the plant ever gets infected by fungus or bacteria. 

So, you must buy plants from the nurseries if you want healthy plants.

4. Buying plants from local nurseries saves time. 

Growing plants from seeds take a lot of time.

Sometimes, the seeds fail to germinate due to some unknown reasons. 

You keep waiting for the seeds to sprout out and waste a lot of time. 

Seeds don’t germinate or take time due to:

  • Hard seed coats
  • Diseases 
  • Late dormancy breakage 
  • Multiple steps to take before sowing
  • The controlled temperature, which is not possible at home, etc.

There is no fixed timing for the sprouting.

The seeds may take one month or one year to develop new plants. 

But buying plants and starting to care for them will save the time you waste waiting for the seed to sprout. 

So, if you want to get plants, buy them from your local nurseries.

They will give you beautiful native plants which will thrive in your region.

5. There is no tension about foreign pests.

Tulip pest

Foreign pests are very difficult to treat because you won’t be able to know how to remove them from your plant.

You are unaware of the diseases and damage they can spread, and thus your plant will remain untreated. 

Slowly it will die, and it is heartbreaking to see your loving plant dying in front of your eyes.

But, when you buy the plants from the native nurseries and get affected by bugs anytime, it will be native pests, which you will know.

You can remove them from your plant with the proper treatment and fix them in time. 

Even if you are unaware of the pests, the people at the local nurseries will know about them and how to fix them.

So, they can advise you about what should be done and how you can treat the issue. 

They can share the products to help eliminate the problem and recover the plant in time.

6. The price of the flowers is less.

When you buy local flowering plants from the local nursery, the cost of carrying and shipping the products is quite less. 

Collecting local flowers is not difficult because the florists collect the local flowers from their region.

They don’t have to travel too far to get those flowers. 

Since the flowers are from nearby areas, the cost is less than those collected from outside the region. 

So, when you buy the local flowers, the expense automatically decreases due to low shipping and trucking costs.

The best part is that you get a lot of better quality and colorful flowers at a low price.

7. You can open your nursery as a local business.

Nursery plants

Garden stores are an essential part of the community and economy.

They are also a great place for gathering and alone time for relaxation. 

Without these stores, you will not receive the above facilities, like native plants, good advice, etc. 

But, the sad part is that the sale of plants and flowers is decreasing due to rural areas becoming more urban.

Plants are rarely seen in urban areas.

So, the market is near to closing, for which there are few growers. 

However, you can create a small nursery to stop the plant stores from getting closed by gathering plants in your home.

It also helps you create a small local business and earn money. 

8. Buying plants from local nurseries attracts you to get more plants.

Once you buy plants from the store and achieve success in growing, you get attracted to the store to collect some more plants. 

Every time you pass a florist’s store, the perennials, the flowers, the trailing vines, the lovely scent, and the big green leaves draw your attention automatically.

The craze, the intoxication of growing plants, influences you to get more and more plants and add them to your yard whenever you pass the store. 

It is a good thing because nowadays people are so engrossed in work and technology that they forget to spend time with nature.

Nature can keep us healthy, calm, and focused.

Adding plants in your yard inspires you to take a break from the world of technology, spend some time with greenery and nature, and feel refreshed. 

You don’t have to travel too far to collect these plants as that will be time-consuming and expensive.

So, local nurseries are the best option.

Humans won’t be able to flourish much without nature.

Since nature is diminishing slowly due to busy life and constructions, the garden stores make humans enjoy and stay connected with the beauty of nature. 

What is the difference between buying plants from local and national or foreign nurseries?

Nursery buying plants

There are a lot of differences. 

Native nurseriesNational or foreign nurseries
You get native plants that can grow in your area.The plants may grow in an atmosphere that doesn’t match your region’s environment.
As a result, the plant may not grow well.
Plants are cheap due to the low cost of shipping.Since the plants will be shipped from outside your area, it will cost more in shipping and trucking.
So, the plants will be expensive. 
There is no tension of foreign pests or diseases, and they can be treated quickly.Since the plant is not native, the pests or diseases may be unknown, for which there will be no treatment, or you end up with the wrong treatment. 
Flowers will bloom in the right seasons, and you will be aware of it.You won’t be able to know the plants’ growth and flowering seasons and get frustrated when you don’t see any new growth.
This table demonstrates the difference between local and national or foreign nurseries.

Due to these reasons, you must take plants from your local nursery.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of advantages to buying plants from the local nursery.

You get native plants with known characteristics, and you can care for them well. The plants are local and thus, come cheap. You can get good suggestions from the nursery workers about the plants’ good growth and development. 

There is no fear of foreign pests and diseases. Hence, you can treat the known pests and get rid of them faster. Having plants from nurseries inspires you to get more plants, and you can even start a local business, which is quite good. 

It is better to avoid plants from national or foreign retailers since there are so many demerits – expensive, unknown features, risk of foreign pests and diseases, etc.

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