Can You Walk On Lawn After Aeration?

You are one of those who want their lawns to be lash and well maintained, and this is why you are concerned about aeration and seeding. Aeration and seeding are the two most important factors on which the beauty of your lawn depends. Hence, it is important to know whether you can step into your lawn after aeration and seeding.

It is not recommended to walk on the lawn after aeration as well as seeding. Walking on the lawn after aeration will again make it compact and difficult for the grass to grow nicely. Whereas, after seeding, if you walk on the lawn, the health and growth of the grass can be disturbed.

This article will discuss whether walking on your lawn after aeration and seeding are okay. We will also understand more about aeration and seeding, so keep reading to know all about it.

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What is aeration?

Aeration is the process of creating small holes in the soil with the help of a tool or machine. 

Your lawn will need aeration if the soil has become compact and the grass has become patchy. 

It means the grassroots are not getting enough space to spread into the soil; this is where aeration is handy.

Can you walk on your lawn after aeration?

Walking on your lawn after aeration can undo all the work you did to get your soil aerated. 

So walking is not recommended. 

But along with this, we will also need to beware of a few more mistakes we must avoid after aeration, which we will discuss further.

Mowing after aeration

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Mowing is a big no after aeration.

Mowing will make you walk on the lawn along with your mower.

And when you do this, you will ruin the soil again.

So you will need to wait to mow until the grass grows evenly in all lawn parts.

If you have overseeded your lawn, you should wait till the grass grows fully.

So mowing can only be done once the grass is fully grown with no patches on the lawn.

Watering after aeration

Watering your lawn will be good after aeration.

Aeration creates pockets of space within the soil, making it easier for the soil to hold moisture.

But it is very important to remember that you don’t walk on the soil while watering after aeration.

Therefore watering needs to be done with the help of a sprinkler and not manually.

Watering frequently can deplete the quality of the soil, so you need to be infrequent with watering. 

This will help you to build the strength of the soil.

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Walking on the grass after aeration

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Once aeration is done, you must avoid any manual work on the lawn involving walking on it.

Any traffic on the lawn after aeration needs to be restricted.

Ask all your family members not to step on the soil after aeration.

Place a sign board for not walking on the lawn to restrict the traffic.

Most homeowners tend to start weeding or fertilization right after aeration, but this is not recommended.

Any activity after aeration can ruin the aeration, and the soil will not be benefitted.

Along with aeration, if you have also done overseeding, wait to step on the lawn for at least a month.

Fertilization and reseeding after aeration

Fertilization can be done after about a week once you have done the aeration.

It will certainly nourish the soil and make it favorable for grass growth.

And it will look make your lawn look lush and beautiful.

But over-seeding can be done along with aeration.

If you can see patchy areas on the lawn, you can drop some seeds to fill them.

The only thing you need to take care of is nobody steps in the area where you have done the over-seeding.

You can also cover the over-seeded area with a net to avoid traffic, and it will also keep birds away from that place.

What is seeding?

lawn seeding

Seeding is the process of sowing new seeds in your lawn to grow new grass.

It is also done for covering the patches on the lawn and for making the existing grass thick.

you can usually do seeding along with aeration for a lash green lawn.

Can you walk on your lawn after seeding?

If you are walking on the lawn after seeding, thinking, after seeding your lawn, the grass will grow to lash green and look beautiful in a few weeks.

Likely, you will not get the desired result.

So walking on the lawn after seeding is a big no.

You will need to wait till the seeds germinate before you step on the grass.

It will help the grass to develop a strong root system.

Lets us learn more about seeding grass.

Things to know about seeding grass

If you don’t want a lawn with patchy grass cover over it, you will need to consider a few things after seeding.

Simply dropping the seeds in the patchy area and leaving it to nature will not suffice.

Care has to be taken before the seeds germinate.

You will need to cover the seeded area with a net, so the birds don’t feed on the seeds.

Also, ask your family members to refrain from barging into that region for at least 4 weeks. 

It can also take more than 8 weeks for the seeds to germinate fully and develop into the grass, depending upon the weather conditions of your place.

Can walking on new grass seeds kill them?


Walking on the new grass seeds can certainly damage the grass, if not kill it.

The growth of the grass will be affected.

Walking on the lawn will compact the soil, which will not allow enough water and air to seep through.

The roots will become weak for this reason.

But if the seed is damaged, it will not germinate at all.

Stepping on young grass will not help either because if the grass is not fully developed, it will not resist the weight.

It can kill the new budding grass, and you will have bare patches in your yard after a month or so.

Grass varieties like Bermuda or St. Augustine can withstand the weight if you tread upon it.

So you can opt for these varieties too.

After how many days of seeding can you walk on the grass?

You will need to give the seeds a minimum of 4 weeks before walking on them.

But it will be best to wait between 8 to 12 weeks.

Depending on which variety you are growing, it can take between 5 to 30 days.

Some varieties can germinate a grow within 10 to 14 days too.

But this is just the beginning phase, and you must wait for at least 2 months before stepping on it.

Will the grass grow if you step on the seed?

Grasses are tough but can be damaged if you step on them.

They can still grow and develop roots but might not be strong enough because the soil beneath will be compacted.

So please do not step on the area where you have done the seeding.

Step-by-step guide for seeding the lawn

Seeding is not just a process of spreading the grass seeds on the surface; there is more to it.

First, you must choose the grass you want to grow on your lawn.

Then you will need to decide which time of the year you will start the seeding.

It depends upon the variety of your grass and the geographical location of your place.

Early summer, fall, or early spring can be good for seeding.

Let us understand how to do this step-by-step.

  • Aeration: The first thing to do is aeration because this will create a favorable ground for the seeds to get settled, and there will be enough space in the soil to hold air and moisture. This will also improve drainage.
  • Fertilization: During the aeration process, you can also fertilize the topsoil. This will condition the soil and provide enough nutrients for speedy growth.
  • Seeding: Read the instructions on the seed packet before you start seeding. Use half of the seed in one direction and use the other half from another, making a criss-cross pattern so that all the lawn gets covered.
  • Mulching: You can do some mulching using straw or some soil. This will help retain the moisture but don’t step on the soil while doing so.
  • Watering: Water your lawn slightly with the help of a sprinkler.

Final words

It is not recommended to walk on the lawn after aeration and seeding. Walking can compress the soil and make it compact. Due to this, the growth of the grassroots will be hampered.

Walking can also damage the seeds; you will have patchy grass on your lawn. You can protect the seeded area by covering it with a net. Netting will keep the birds and other animals from disturbing and eating the grass seeds.

Make your family members aware of the aeration and seeding, so they do not step on the yard; otherwise, your efforts will be in vain.

How long after aeration can I walk on grass?

Don’t walk on the grass after aeration till the grass grows fully and the roots are developed completely. Depending on the grass variety, it can take anywhere from 1 to 2 months.

How long can you keep the dog off the grass after seeding?

Your dog needs to stay away from the grass for at least 4 weeks after you have done overseeding.

Reference: Lawn CareMowing your lawn.


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