Can I Leave My Lawnmower Outside In The Rain? (3 Things To Know)

You probably own a lawnmower if you love gardening. It can be a struggle to store gardening equipment at times. If you want to place your lawnmower outside but need clarification about whether it can tolerate rain? In this article, we have done detailed research about it and have answered your question.

Generally, It is fine to leave the lawnmower outside in the rain for a day or two. However, it would be best if you only did this occasionally. Prolonged exposure to heavy rainfall can damage the air filter or spark plug, which might need a replacement before the next use.

This article will discuss whether it is safe to leave the lawnmower in the rain. We will also discuss the best storage places for your lawnmower. So, keep reading.

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What will happen if I leave my lawn mower in the rain?

If you have left your lawn mower in light rain, you don’t need to worry about it. 

The machine will not suffer from any damage in light or moderate rain.

But, if it’s monsoon season, you will need to cover your lawn mower to prevent the water from entering. 

The machine will start to rust if it remains outside in the rain for many days. 

You may find corrosion signs on the lawnmower’s deck. The corrosion will damage the metallic blades of the device. 

As a result, the blades will cut the grass unevenly. 

Also, the engine will become inoperative.

Excessive moisture can cause mechanical failures in your lawnmower, which can carry high repair charges. 

The spark plug and the air filters are the two most effective areas which can get serious damage by rain. 

There are mainly three ways in which rain can affect the lawn mower:

  • The spark plug will get wet if you leave your lawn mower outside in the rain for a long. A wet spark plug won’t supply power to the engine. Therefore, checking the spark plug once after rain is important to ensure it’s working.
  • The water in the engine will disturb the fuel and oxygen ratio in the combustion unit. The lawn mower operates when gasoline burns with oxygen. And if the engine gets trapped in water, the combustion process will get affected, due to which the device will become inoperative.
  • The blades will get dull if they are exposed to rainwater for a long. They will start rusting and will form pores along the deck. The rust will form holes in the metal and will damage it. 

What to do if my lawn mower gets wet due to rain?

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If your lawn mower gets wet in the rain, you must check whether it’s working. 

Start the lawn mower and run it for 15-20 minutes. Letting the mower run for some time will help it dry the moisture around the engine.

You can also clean the water from the mower’s engine if it is trapped with too much moisture.  

When the lawn mower’s engine runs, the water present around it will quickly evaporate, and there will be no rust formation. 

Even though rusting doesn’t happen in one day, it will only happen when the lawn mower remains wet for many days. 

The rain can be destructive even on the best lawnmowers, so it’s better to store the device in a dry and safe place. 

Indoors are the best place to store the lawn mower; however, if you have a limited place, you can keep it outdoors after making some arrangements. 

Can I permanently keep my lawn mower outside?

The lawnmowers are made for outdoor functioning. 

These devices are capable of any wear and tear. 

But still, it’s not a good idea to keep the lawn mower outside permanently.

Keeping the lawnmower outside for a few days is fine with moderate temperatures. 

You can fix it even if the lawn mower gets rain or snow for a day or two. 

However, never plan to leave the lawnmower outside permanently. 

If you have no options left other than leaving the lawnmower outside, you can prevent it from getting wet by covering it with a cover or tarp.

Select a waterproof cover, heavy-duty and long-lasting. 

The cover will protect the lawn mower against rain, snow, or hailstorms. 

Some lawnmowers have sturdy characteristics. 

Still, it would help if you didn’t leave them outside in extreme weather conditions. 

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Can I keep my lawn mower inside a shed?

Yes, you can store your lawn mower inside a shed if you don’t have any other place to keep it. 

Sheds are usually large enough, so you use them for keeping your lawnmower. 

Sheds will not only protect the lawn mower from rain, but also it will provide you with the option to lock it.

Leaving the lawn mower open in the garden will lead to theft.

Therefore, the shed will be a secure place to store the machine. 

Sheds are suitable storage houses for your lawnmower to protect it against rain, wind, sun, and cool weather. 

Can I keep my lawn mower inside a garage?

You can keep your lawn mower inside a garage after considering the following solutions. 

  • Choosing a pulley system: If you are looking for a simple storage idea during winter, you can use a shelf-based pulley system to keep your lawnmower. Make sure you don’t place the lawnmower vertically, as it can cause the fuel to drip into the engine. 
  • Make use of every inch:  Use every inch of space in the garage while storing your lawnmower. Select a corner of the garage that suits your lawnmower best.
  • Ramps: It is an easy DIY shelving option to store your lawn mower. 

Firstly, you will need to place a low table where the topmost part of the table will become the lawnmower platform. 

After that, place a ramp at the end of the mower. 

This method allows you to store your lawnmower without any problem. 

Can I keep my lawn mower under a deck?

The deck can be a good option if you don’t have a garage or shed to store your lawn mower. 

The lawn mower will not face any problems if the ground under the deck is dry. 

It will be helpful if the deck is constructed at a certain distance from your house so that the water pooling from your house will not flow to the ground below the deck. 

Also, ensure enough space under the deck so the lawnmower can fit properly. 

What will happen if I use my lawn mower to mow wet grass?

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It is not a good idea to mow wet grass since it can be terrible for both the lawn mower and the garden. 

If you do so, the grass clipping with accumulate in the form of a lump and will get stuck in the lawn mower. 

The lumps will create disturbance in the movement of the blades, due to which the machine will start running slowly. 

The wet grass can even tear the blades and form patches on them. 

Therefore, to prevent such a problem, you should wait for the wet grass to dry completely before mowing the lawn.

However, some high-tech electronic lawn mowers run effectively in wet grass, but still, there are chances that the grass clipping will get stuck in the mower. 

So, mowing the lawn before rain or during light sprinkles is better.

Can the lawn mower be left outside during winter?

It is not a good idea to leave a lawn mower outside during winter as snow can damage various components, especially the engine. 

Hence, it is important to keep the mower inside if there are freezing conditions. 

Just like rain, the lawnmower can’t handle snow very well. 

But, if you are not left with any option other than leaving it outside, you can keep it in any place off the ground.  

Providing some elevation to the lawn mower can help it circulate dry air around it. 

A shaded place is the best place to store lawnmowers during winter. 

It will provide safety and will keep the mower in good condition. 

You can winterize the lawnmower so that it will get prepared for the cold winters. 

The steps for winterizing a lawnmower are as follows:

  • Take out the battery from your lawnmower.
  • Take a hose or brush to clean the device.
  • Store the lawnmower in a safe place like a garden shed or a garage during winter. 

However, if you live in a place with a warm climate, you can leave the lawn mower outside during winter.

How can I store my lawn mower for the long term?

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You can follow some ways to store your lawn mower long-term if you are away from home for a while. 

  • Firstly, you should empty the gas tank of your lawn mower machine. However, if you don’t want to empty the tank, you can add a fuel stabilizer to the gas, making it safe to store. 
  • Secondly, you will need to remove the spark plug, batteries, and blades from your lawn mower. 
  • Thirdly, clean the lawnmower properly before storing it, and cover it with a lawnmower cover to prevent it from getting dirty. 
  • At last, make sure to change the air filters of your lawn mower when you use it next. After doing all the above changes, store the lawn mower in a safe, dry, and shaded place. 

Following the above steps, you can make your lawnmower work more effectively next time. 

What should I do to keep my lawn mower in good condition?

Guidelines to keep lawn mower in good condition

1. Avoid direct light

Keep your lawn mower in a dry and sheltered area. If you store it outside, keep it in a shaded place so it remains away from direct sunlight. 

Although direct sunlight will not make the mower stop working, it can harm the plastic parts of the machine, making it brittle for a few days. 

2. Avoid rain

Avoid storing the lawnmower outside during rain. 

Still, if you want to store the lawn mower outside, select a sheltered place that remains dry.  

Even if you have bought a weather-proof lawn mower, it will face mechanical issues if it remains wet.

Things are more serious when you use an electric lawn mower. There can be an accident if water comes in contact with the spark plug or other electrical parts of the machine. 

Keep your lawn mower in a dry and protective place to prevent such accidents.

If the lawn mower has been wet due to rain, check whether the motor, spark plug, engine, and motor are in proper condition. 

3. Avoid cold temperatures

Avoid keeping your lawn mower when there is snowfall. 

The snow is even more dangerous than rain, and in no time, it will damage the motor. 

Final words

In this article, we understood that it is fine to leave the lawnmower outside during light rain and good weather.

But, if there is heavy rainfall, you should bring the lawnmower inside a shed, deck, or garage. 

Leaving the lawn mower outside in the rain will lead to metal rusting and can damage the machine entirely.

After knowing the potential damage that rain can cause your lawn mower, try storing it in a dry, safe, elevated, and shaded place.

 Add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank if you are away from home for more than a month. 

However, if your lawn mower has stopped functioning due to rain, you might require professional help. 

You can contact the dealer or manufacturer of your lawnmower for guidance.

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